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RAK: Down with Fever

  • NJay
  • 13 years ago
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It was my final year doing my degree. Tension was running high. What's with classes, quizzes, assignments, (heartbreaks) and the final year project (of course). It was so hectic that I barely had time to breathe. Needless to say, as my body tried to cope with the stress (and improper diet), eventually it breaks down. And fever sneaks in.

It was just my luck that the fever chose to present itself in the middle of the night. I was in my hostel, in front of my PC (hastily trying to finish up an assignment) when it happened. Well, actually it wasn’t that sudden. It’s just that  I kept on ignoring the symptoms because I just don’t have the time to be feverish. However, ignorance of course is not bliss in this situation when suddenly I felt myself burning up. I could no longer stare at the PC, my head was pounding and I needed to lay down.

Knowing that I can no longer feigned ignorance, I asked my roommate for Panadol. She, of course, don’t have any.  And since we don’t owned any transportation to go out to get medication (or go to clinics) and it’s midnight by the way, we have no choice but to bang on doors of other fellow hostel-mate asking for panadol. No, actually, I wasn’t the one doing the banging on doors thingy, because I was curled up on the bed, feeling too feverish to even get up. My roommate was panicking. My body was burning up with high fever  and we have no one to turn to.

Lucky there’s this one girl who volunteered to help us. She’s an acquiantance of my roommate, and she barely knew me, but she helped anyway, going all out by calling her friends asking if they had any Panadol (this is not an ad for Panadol by the way). It was just my luck that they, of course, don’t have any.

 Just when me and my roommate was about to succumb to defeat, this girl refused to be put off and so she went to the pantry and looked for some ice in the refrigerator. She then gather the ice in a bowl, put some water in it and then went looking for a handkerchief. Without missing a stride, she then came to my side and started sponging me down with the ice water. I was literally shocked. There she was, this girl whom I barely knew (whom I thought was a bit snobbish), sitting next to me, sponging my face and neck to bring the fever down. I was shocked, yet very thankful. Her thoughtfulness brought me to shame. Especially with the fact that I assumed she was a snob without even knowing her, when in fact she’s really this nice person who didn’t even hesitate to offer her help to me. My fever cooled down after a while, and I felt a bit better, thanks to her quick actions.

I still need to go to the clinic the next day, but at least my fever was a bit bearable by that time and I felt so thankful because I can then get back to my assignments.

So this post is dedicated to Rosazlina Mohd (Iena), whose random act of kindness brought my feet back to the ground. Whose thoughtful actions made my fever bearable, and whose enthusiasms inspires. Iena, I love you sis, and I will always remember what you’ve done for me.

To Mr. Fizal, you’re about to marry a really beautiful person. Whose captivting outside , mesmerising inside. Make sure you know her worth and cherish her for the rest of your life. I wish you guys all the happiness in the world.

To the guys who have broken her heart, shame on you. It was your lost, not hers.

To Iena, I’m so happy that you’ve finally found the love of your life. I’m wishing you all the happiness in the world coz you totally deserve it. Don’t ever let anyone bring you down sis, coz you’re a wonderful person and I will always be here for you, should you need me ;) Love ya sis! And thank you so much! Your existence add colours to my life ;)

So that’s my story on Random Act of Kindness. What’s yours?

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