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Dear Diary


Dear Diary,

I have come to write to share with you my latest debate with an atheist. The debate was held last week Friday around 4.30 pm. The atheist better known as Anon-Chan started with a question, proof the existence of God.?

Then I told her that God creates everything in this world, even in this universe. We Muslims believe that God is the most Gracious, the most Merciful, and the most Powerful. Everything that He says be, then it will be. I took example on the creation of earth, moon and sun.

When she looked at my reply, she now started to argue. Then she said, Well, it doesn't proof the existence of God. The earth was created from dust, then due to chemical reaction, the dusk forms the solid known as rock.

Then I posted a counter question, who created the dust?

And she said, this happened naturally.

I strongly argued with her point, how could it happen naturally? Science has proof there is cause and effect. So, by saying the dust was created naturally, this point cannot be taken.

She still throwing a baseless point to say the dust existence happened through natural process. Then she posted an unthinkable question for a theist like me, who created the God??

My reply was simple. God is the creator, how could He be created.?I don't know why she posted such a silly question. She not satisfied with my answer and still post the same question. Then I added, you see the movement of the sun, it cannot be spontaneous.

When I said, the sun movement? she taught I said the sun moves orbiting the earth. Then, she start to attack on my knowledge and my belief. What the real thing is, she has not sufficient knowledge about astrology. She had made a fool of herself. The sun is actually orbiting the Milky Way galaxy. This is what I told to her.

As I proved it with the scientific evidence, she is now lost her second argument. I would like to continue the debate but due to time restriction, I have to stop at that time. I request for her email but she didn't reply with convincing answer. I would like to give proof existence of god through scientific knowledge and common sense.

As I didn't receive any email from her, it is my pleasure to share the points to proof the existence of god. So it is rebuttal time to a question posted by Anon-Chan. She asked, who created the God? For an atheist like her, she must think the one existed must has a creator. So, as god exists, who is the creator of god?

One of the important criteria of God is, He is a creator. He is the highest order of a creator. He doesn't have beginning nor ending. We are not denying human can created amazing thing such as computer, shirt, car etc. But no man can create an earth, a moon, planets or a sun. Maybe it sounds silly, because it is too big. Now, let we see is there human can create sources such as soil, oxygen, carbon, etc from nowhere? I watched a documentary that describe human consists of several chemicals. But can human be created from the mixture of it? The answer is no. Yet, if she thinks the points given unrealistic, how about unexplained situation in the world of science today? So who created this thing; the moon, the sun, the earth, the galaxy, the oxygen, the carbon, the sulfur, the condition of unknown etc? It is God who created the things.

The point above sounds to be naturalism. In fact, naturalism is part of Islam. A simple example can be seen on the nature of earth that moves and rotates the sun, the same way the moon orbiting the earth. In Islam this nature known as the act submission. Islam means submission to one true God. Each creation has its own act of submission. The earth obeying the God's order by moves on it axis. The plant by producing gases, food, medicine etc. This is show the act of God creation who obeys the order.

As I already explained the concept of creator and naturalism, it is now to look at God's power. In Islam, God is the most powerful among all. He is the one and only creditable to call God. He is the creator of all. In surah Al Ikhlas, it explain the concept of God. It says:

(Oh Muhammad) Say, the God is one and only
God the eternal absolute
He not begets nor is he begotten
And there is none like unto him

Nothing that exist in this world is equal to God. By this, we can say that God is unique in everything, such as power, kindness, mercy, knowledge and so on.

This concept of one powerful God can be described by looking at the situation. Imagine, you have 10 computers that can handle 1000 jobs at a time compare with a computer that can handle the same amount of job. Which is more powerful? Of course the one computer that can do the things. So the same concept apply for god. One of the criteria of God is He is all powerful.

Now, comes to the criteria of God. For something to be creditable to call something we must follow the certain criteria. Why we call human as a human not as a cat, or a cow, or a table or a fan? This is because the criteria that made it as a specific thing. The criteria to call human as a human is separated to several level. If we just take part of criteria and make conclusion, the percentage of correctness is really low. For example, we could call an ape as a human if we look at certain criteria; the legs, the arm, the way it moves etc. However, science proved that the only 3% difference in human and ape bring major difference between them. We can have Muhammad, Albert Einstein, Jesus Christ and many more come from human being, but we can't have a professor from ape family.

Very interesting that what Anon-Chan posting is about the truth of Islam. However she is confused about dust and smoke. What she tries to explain is the Big Bang theory. The theory described about the earth creation. Instead look at what scientists said, let we see what God said in Quran:

Then He turned to the heaven when it was smoke... Quran 41:11

Allah tell more about the creation of universe,

Have not those who disbelieved known that the heavens and the earth were one connected entity, then We spread them...Quran 21:30

God already explain about what has scientist found in modern science. Yet, there is no single establish science fact contradict the Quran.

Diary, I pray to God may Anon-Chan guided to straight path and firm with it. Amen...

-Mr. Eddy-
-August 5, 2008-

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  • 1) Amin.. great one here.

    an analogy that i always use is a sweet drink. imagine a sweet drink. you can't see the sugar in it yet you believe that the sugar is there. something that we didn't see, does not mean it doesn't exist. hence, not seeing God does not mean that God is not there.

    but of course, mine is really mediocre explanation. so kvitchak, do you miind if i print this out since it has everything that I need to refer to in the future?
  • 2) good anology ucu.

    Sometimes when we are getting near to the truth, we get afraid.And its and endless debate, trust me. Been there myself. Currently I read Harun Yahya's perspective of life creation and how he challenge Darwin's theory.

    It gives me a headache. But its really the truth to me. He too uses scientific explanation together with Quran verses.

    After I read it, I dont think I want to read Stephen Hawking's theory of whatver. Dunno, maybe later.

    If u havn't read any of Harun Yahya's book, be warned, please be very careful when u read it.

    anyway, good post.
  • 3) ...*an(typo up there) endless debate...

  • (Author)
    4) so kvitchak, do you miind if i print this out since it has everything that I need to refer to in the future?

    -- yeah, sure. thanks for reading.
  • 5) wow, thanx for sharing this.
  • 6) I think this belongs in the community section. more people will read it if it is posted there..

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