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Traffic Jam Romance - Part 1


"Where is that blue volvo?"

The angel blue, 1979 make, Series 200, Model 264 Volvo to be exact. Its nearly impossible to miss such a car in this almost unbearable morning KL traffic jam, he thought. Not a lot of people drive those nowadays. Heck, its as old as he is. One can definitely spot it from a mile away, and he hopes to be able to spot it today.

"Where IS that dang volvo?",muttered Zaf, cranking his head, looking around. It was almost standstill here at Jalan Ipoh.

"Everyday its like this", he mumbled. The minute he leaves his condo, off Jalan Ipoh, he turns left and immediate he'll get caught right smack center of that jam. He taps his fingers on the steering wheel trying to overcome the boredom. The red Satria in front of him inched forward a little. A few cars nearby honked.. again.. and again..

He looked around again for the old volvo. This had become a little game for Zaf to pass the time. He had gotten bored with most of the streamlined morning radio broadcasting and discovered that playing games on his i-phone while driving was way too risky. He had nearly rear-ended several cars before. It might have done more damage to his wallet than his body.

The left lane of the road started to move. A few cars in the middle lane where Zaf was started to honk. Figures...

He sighed. No sign of the volvo, no sign of.. her.

Zaf, clearly dissapointed, sighs again as he leans down and presses a button. Almost instantaneously, his pearl white MyVi is filled with loud, blarring music. Sounds like Paramore. Good band, he thought..

His mind wanders to the first time they had met, about 3 months ago. It was morning, just about the time he usually leaves his condo for work. Exiting his block's elevator hall at the ground floor car park, he noticed an old blue volvo parked a bit further off from his car. The car was parked at a lot allocated to tenants of the block opposite Zaf's. He walked passed his car and went close to the old volvo, admiring how well the 1979 model had been maintained and pleasantly noting that it still had those old asphiric sideview mirrors. He has never seen this particular car parked here before. So he guessed the owner must have just moved in, noticing the condo resident sticker on the front screen. Yup, the owner lived in the block opposite his, he thought.

When she cleared her throat, it crossed his mind that it was the sweetest 'ehemm' he has ever heard. Slightly startled, he turned around to see a girl, coming from the elevator area of her block, walking towards the old volvo, smiling.

"Like it?" she said warmly, turning to him as she rummaged her small handbag for the keys. She had long, straight, shoulder length black hair and pretty hazel shaped eyes. She was extremely cute.

"Yeah, my dad has one just like it, but grey, tho he never drives it anymore," he quipped, remembering the days when he had to wash the car on weekends."Its now just sitting in a small wooden garage we built back at my folk's".

Her face brightened. "Really? Maybe we can take both cars for a spin one day". Zaf could tell she was a warm person. She jiggled her keys when she found them.

"Yeah, but my dad's is all rusty and stuff. Your car's in great condition, so that'll be embarrassing ... err.. for me, that is."

"Well, bring it over", she politely interjected. "I love old volvos, lets see if we can work on it. Im a bit of a grease monkey", she turned and opened her car door.

wow.. a friendly, cute girl living at my condo AND she's into cars? What are the odds?, he thought.

Before he could reply, she quickly got into her car. "It was nice meeting you, I really have to run.. Jalan Tun Razak can be crazy jammed up by this time. See you.." she said as she banged the old door shut.

He wanted to ask her if that is her daily route to the office as it was his. He didnt get the chance, as she started the old volvo, slightly defeaning him with the roar of the old engine. He quickly waved bye, as he noticed that she was waving bye from inside her car. He then turned and walked to his white Myvi, wondering if he gave a good first impression or if he could have acted more cool. He sighed...

As he was entering his car, she drove by, smiling as the old volvo roared. She gave a short honk, a unique sound, which Zaf quickly identified as similar to his dad's volvo. He honked back and she drove off.

Later on the same morning that they met, Zaf was bored and stuck in the Jalan Tun Razak jam as usual. He was looking around when he noticed the old blue volvo in the distance. She was about 6 cars in front of him, on the lane right side of his. Not really thinking about it, he cut, weaved and inched closer to her in the jam. When he finally got next to her, he started honking. At first she ignored him. But after awhile, she turned. She was a little suprised but smiled her sweet smile nonetheless. He made a gesture that he was sleepy. She giggled. She took out sumthing that looked like strepsils from her purse, put it in her mouth and gave a thumbs up. Zaf opened his mouth wide and pointed to it, signalling he wants one. She laughed. He tried to stay by her side as far as he could but she went up the ramp after istana budaya as he stayed off the ramp. Thats was fun, he thought.

A few mornings after that, they both came out from each other's block at the same time again. He politely waved at her as it was too early to shout hellos. She smiled and waved back as they both proceeded to their cars. Fifteen minutes into the jam at Jalan Ipoh, he heard a distinct but familar honk. He turned to his right and he saw her. The very pretty grease monkey was in the old volvo in the lane next to his, inching her way thru the jam. She smiled and pointed at sumthing behind him. She was pointing at the spongebob plush toy with the suction cups that stuck to the rear screen of Zaf's car. Zaf is a big spongebob fan. He laughed, a little flushed. Apparently she was able to easily recognize and identify his car based on that toy itself.

And so the weeks passed by. In the mornings, they would sumtimes coincedently leave their respective blocks at the same time and wave at each other without saying anything. And on those days, Zaf knew, there was a slight chance they'd bump into each other in the jam. They rarely do find each other but Zaf was always on a look out just in case he spots her old blue volvo. If they did find each other, they'd honk at each other, and make funny gestures, much to the annoyance of the other motorists who noticed. BUt Zaf didnt care. It slowly became a game between them, about who finds who. Soon, they were seen to be leaving for work at the same time more and more often.

And today was such a day. They both left for work at the same time. A loud bus honk snapped Zaf back to present, back into the terrible KL morning jam. He had gotten as far as istana budaya which means it was unlikely he will spot the old blue volvo today.

On the radio, someone had called the radio station, sobbing. Just another cheap way to get to the audience, Zaf thought. His mind was on the girl. Wow, he doesnt even know her name.

As Zaf checked out his right side mirror, a familiar car moved slowly alongside him. It was the old blue volvo! Zaf suddenly found himself to be ecstatic. He was just about to honk wildly when he noticed something wrong.

She was on the phone, looking straight forward, tears were streaming down her eyes.

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  • 1) come on Zaf!
    is that all that you can do?

    please, i need to read the rest of it
  • 2) oh joe. i absolutely cant wait for part 2! please, please.
  • 3) wow...cheeky but sweet at the same time...wonder wat hapen next..apdet pliss..
  • 4) wow,clasiccal yet modernized one.very catchy.lyke itt../
  • 5) plis2!

    i need d other part of d storyyyyyyyyyyy
  • 6) update plissssssss....
  • 7) this certainly deserve the recommendation.
    a love story with a local background.nice

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