Macam Mana Nak Cari Jodoh di Malaysia?

900k ahli di sana sedang mengunggu anda di Baitul Jannah. Mungkin.. jodoh awak ada sana.

Daftar Sekarang!

Part ONE: Squirrel


I’m standing way beyond these breezes,
Hiding my bruises, in my heart. They’re still fresh, in case you would like to know.
On top of the hill, I say, "Nice place. How’d you know?"
"I’m surprised you know it too", he says.
"You kiddin’? I always know this kind of place" I say
"Oh yeah, you’re that type who looks up at stars and breathe the mountain’s air, dance in the rain and carve your wishes at trees,…like squirrel or…a mongoose. Something like that huh" he says. Funny cynical guy.
"Let’s get down to business. Why’d you bring me here?" I say.

The wind blows even more, makes it harder to open a big eye. And this hair that I…cut myself…unevenly blows together to suffocate my sight. I give silence a little more chance, thinking I could dance around with it, buying more time, losing more focus, pushing away more sorrows. But it’s not fair for him, the messenger. He’s waiting for me to speak on reply. What can I say?

"I’m sorry. This coming out on an emotion roll. I shouldn’t…", I say
"Hey, you always have the right to. I would never take it away from you. Only joke about it once in a while which I wasn’t even amused by it…telling you this…isn’t an entertainment. Please, say something" he says."You’re acting like it’s your fault. Chill", I say. My left eye drops a tear. Then the right one too.

I know my friend, that it’s not easy for you to tell me this.
I know, you make your way through the windy road up to this hill.
I know that it is not fair for you when I started to sob
I could feel you my friend, that you could feel me too.
I’m sorry my friend, that sending me pain cause you one.
I’m sorry my friend, for the inevitable silence, what else can I say?

"You don’t even have to go", he says
"You think I can’t handle it?", I say
"Big girl, I know you can. I just would like to spare you some pain. You’re too much of it. Give yourself a break from dramas". he says
"Then why didn’t you spare me some pain by not coming here telling me that he’s getting married? It’ll be a big deal of saving you know, you can buy a fucking gold toilet bowl with the pain and….and.. wipe your ass with silk." I say with a mild anger.
"It’s a heads up. The kind of warning that you probably need, to put an end to this, once and for all. But it’s the delivery, right here. That’s what crashing…i’m just…this is hard…just…don’t go.", he says

"You did fine. Take away that sappy face, dude. Or I’ll be calling you sissy.", I say.
"Do you need more time here? With me? Or without me?", he says.
"I’m turning my face around now. I wish you’ll be gone. You can’t see me like this, dude. You can’t handle what’s about to come.", I say.

"Fuck it! Why me! Damn, that’s painful. Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!", he says to himself while getting in his car. I hear him. I shout as he working on the ignition, "Tell your brother, congratulations".

I look at the envelope, my name written on it. One wedding, that I won’t go.


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  • 1) be strong
    keep your head up
    well, kesian jugak to the bearer of the bad news
    but someone has to do the dirty job right?

  • (Author)
    2) yes. it sucks to be the messenger. i made this for him.
  • 3) dont shoot the messenger..;)
  • 4) Why wont "she" go? makan free somemore!

  • (Author)
    5) i like the optimistic side or your comment, Reason :p
  • 6) The way you describe the whole thing, the silence, the emotions... it's pretty cool ^^

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