Macam Mana Nak Cari Jodoh di Malaysia?

900k ahli di sana sedang mengunggu anda di Baitul Jannah. Mungkin.. jodoh awak ada sana.

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Let’s start with sense of fashion and a little about their lifestyle as an introductory; Unfolded collared T-shirt, skin tight jeans that looks awful, unsightly and according to some, smelly. Top it off with the legendary mullet, a pouch preferably leather like dangling from the shoulder. Not forgetting the shades, yellow timberland boots. And I quote a friend, “Suka makan belacan and can go on a diet of nasi putih, kicap, telur goring and sambal belacan forever as a means to save up and modify or buy a new bike and lastly…sexually active.” Apart from that they’re also well known for their rudeness and bad behavior.


Some might think that they’re imitating the westerners. I don’t think that that is the case here. They don’t watch Mtv or any reality dramas, talk shows or anything related…at least not as much as we do. I might be over thinking here but to me rempits are people who learn, adapt and go to extreme in what they do but of course towards a more negative outlook.


In a more positive note, if I am allowed to say... these guys are original/ authentic. A product of the country, and the creation of the society, they live as a group of people who stand together as a social outcast reflecting and behaving as they are perceived. Maybe even in the thought of rebelling against the stereotypes. These people mix up all the influences that they get and turn it into their own. I mean most of our traditions…and trends that we follow are from other nations, it is scary to think that after all this while this was the only real thing we came up with.


According to a source from wikipedia, it is said that; “In recent times, Mat Rempits have been linked to gangsterism, gang robbery, street fighting, vandalism, theft, bullying and rape.” This only goes to show that many evil/ poor people uses motorcycles as a means of doing bad things based on convenience. I’d like to add that Motorcycles (inanimate object) most certainly and a small percentage of rempits should not be seen and stereotyped as what they’re perceived as.


However if there is one aspect that astounds me and never fail to keep me astounded are their daredevil acts and their attempt on trying so hard to get hurt badly and even risk losing their lives. I have to say; just by picturing their acts in my head from memory is enough to get my heart racing. In addition to that as if it’s not dangerous enough they endanger someone else’s child, especially their girlfriends. Every time I witness their antics only one word comes to mind, Stupidity!


Yes, they’re really brave people considering that whenever a motorcyclist gets into an accident chances are it will most probably do serious damage to the vehicle and more importantly, the motorcyclist.


It is also stated on Wikipedia that, “Mat Rempits usually travel in groups in bustling city centers on weekend nights.” It continues, “Most motorcycles used by the Mat Rempits do not meet the standard specifications, or have been modified extensively.”

In this context, how are they different to the other road users especially when compared to car enthusiasts? These car enthusiasts, not only do they get off easily but are looked on in awe and in admiration. While in reality, these guys are followers of trend, spoiled brats and brave only in their car. Before I drift away from the subject, what is this disparity? Which brings up this question; how can we be sure that these rempits are not looked down at because they’re poor?


To me, the similitude of a motorcyclist and a driver in a car is like a man holding a knife and the other with an automatic rifle. I don’t think this needs emphasizing or does it?


One thing that we can be sure of is that these people are empty inside so empty that the only way they feel alive is by getting adrenaline rush, by tempting fate and to get so close to death that for a brief moment it makes them feel alive…for example: bungee jumping, sky diving, etc.


Not forgetting, living in a society whose mind set is: the purpose of life is life. Followed by, ‘The reason of your existence is to enjoy and make the best of your physical existence right here, right now in this planet.’ So is it a surprise why most people behave the way they do?


Before this, I thought to myself that rempits are nothing but a group of pesticides, dumb people who are inconsiderate to themselves and to others. These days I choose to ponder upon sayings such as, ‘you are the environment you live in.’ almost everyone succumbs to circumstances in their lives. Only the few really strong/wise ones are exempted and come out by making the right choice. But normally people just resolve to a decision that is only applicable for a brief moment, short sighted decisions that’ll be a comfort only for a short period of time.


Humans in general spend their whole life in earning for recognition and to be accepted. In the minds of rempits and in their society, these are probably the ways to getting recognized and be accepted.


We had to go through such phases too, only difference was that we had easier choices and better options, so to speak or blessed with intelligence.


I wouldn’t go as far as to say we should act sympathetically towards them due to their lack of intelligence and bad decision making. Perhaps just trying to express that we should be grateful and try not to hate too much.







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  • 1) it's hard to not hate them
    but really this piece has made me think a little bit more
    not sympathizing but maybe you know
    a bit of being in their shoes
  • 2) whether u in a car or motorcycle, holding a machine gun or a knife it doesnt matter.

    what mattered is the thing between your ears..brains.

  • 3) not a things that i truly familiar with... so chose to stay silent and digress!
  • 4) this is a very good point of view you have here, which i think would be better suited if you put it in the community section rather than the short story. if you read all the other short stories, you'll get what i mean

  • (Author)
    5) thanks for ur comments and ur views guys...yea okay i'll try to post it in the community section then..thanks again

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