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One Pointless Discussion of Vix and Jee: Good Looking or Just Pleasing?


‘I love this feeling, I really do. You know the feeling when you feel giddy and the world turns out to be a better place. Better in the position that you do not have the desire to just run around setting fire to every house that you see. Yeah, that kind of feeling,’ Jee dumped her bag onto her bed. She just got back from her classes since she still had her bag and all her books with her.

‘Good day to you too, sister,’ Vix just lay on her bed while swerving in Jee’s direction lazily. Jee just throw random facts here and there and assume that people understand her. Vix has been her friend for nearly 10 years now. It was easy to get use to Jee’s little ways.

‘Haha...ok sorry. I’m back!’ Jee throw her hand up in the air.

‘Duly noted,’ Vix pulled herself up in a sitting position. ‘Care to tell me about that feeling?’

‘The new guy in our society. The mysterious writer?’ Jee and Vix succeeded to register for outdoor society at the very last minute last week. And being the normal Jee, it seems that nothing is more interesting than noticing new guys around her.

‘That guy with the black-rimmed spectacles?’ Vix looked at Jee while she was gathering all her clothes on her bed and directly deposited it into her cupboard. She never changed from school up to university; she will never ever bother to fold them up first.

‘Wow! You noticed him?’ Jee looked at Vix; eyes as big as saucers.

‘It was kind of hard not to notice when your elbow went into my ribs the last time you want to show your latest Exhibit A,’ Vix managed to refrain herself from saying those words in an extremely stern voice. She wasn’t much of a fun compared to Jee, really. She seems to be the older sister in this friendship; took care of Jee and everything. Jee was more carefree compared to Vix. She doesn’t mind mingling with people that much and has no problems of cracking up jokes whenever appropriate. She was childish and happy-go-lucky. It was normal to hear her talking about so many cute guys she met and the steps she took to achieve something out of it. It wasn’t a miracle when she sometimes managed to do it. Problem is; sometimes she just couldn’t resist the challenge to turn a shy guy into someone whom she can laugh with and the moment she managed to do that, chances are she is going to just drop them. Whenever appropriate.


Vix was a little less friendly compared to Jee and she always had the serious look on her face. It was not easy really, to make her smile but people sometimes just give up on her. They prefer to talk to Jee because Jee seems to be able to turn so many embarrassing occasions to some kind of a joke. Sad to say that sometimes Vix was really embarrassed by this. She had a steady boyfriend she met sometime back at school. Needless to say, the guy was the A typical type A guy. Highly successful, flying career, good looking, perfectionist and kind of ….erm, lack of empathy. They eyes met across a book back in school library. See how boring Vix’s life can be? It was a miracle how two very different people manage to keep the friendship for so long.


‘Yeah, what about him?’ Vix placed a cushion behind her back.

‘I only noticed that he got the sweetest smile ever,’ Jee told the story dramatically. ‘I didn’t notice that he had dimples because his face muscles seemed to be frozen by Botox injection. Then, today I saw him talking to his academic advisor in the hallway and he smiled. I nearly dropped my lunch!’

‘Your lunch? Are you having your lunch in the…hold it! You must have the usual lunch-on-the-go?’

‘Hihi…’ Jee smiled with guilty. This girl can replace my mom anytime!

‘OK never mind. Proceed,’ Vix knew that there are things you cannot change and changing Jee was not an easy task. It was normal occasion to see her munching sandwiches with a can of some kind of drinks in the hallway. So not something a girl should do was what the bubble coming out of Vix’s head said.

‘I think he is cute,’ Jee fumbled with her watch. She had the sheepish smile, the one giving the impression like a cat having a mouse in its paws.

‘Oh no, honey. I thought you had a crush on Faris!’ Vix straightened her back.

‘Faris? He is too… come on; you know what kind of guys I like. I don’t go for beautiful people,’ Jee tries to reason out.

‘Why is that so when you are one of them?’ Vix looked at her in confusion.

‘Because they know they are beautiful. That is their weapon. Switching partners are not difficult for them,’ Jee explained this with patience similar to explaining why 1+1 equals to 2 for a five year-old.

‘Like what you did?’ Vix was also a Type A person. Lack of empathy and insensitive at times.

‘Look Vix, don’t try to pick up a fight with me. What do you mean like what I did? I didn’t go as far as dating each one of them; as in saying ‘I Love You’ and everything. I was just being a fun friend to them; just to spice up their so boring life. And don’t start on the part that I’m one of the beautiful people,’ Jee leaned forward to face Vix.

‘OK sorry I did that. After all, you never cheated on Ash,’ Vix suddenly stopped and realized something. Jee-Ash incident shouldn’t be mentioned when Jee was still in the recovering process. ‘OK I shouldn’t…’

‘It’s OK. Let bygones be bygones. Point being is … they know they are good looking. They know people fall for their look. But take someone with dimples. It will not be apparent if they have one when they are not smiling,’ Jee was looking at the top of her monitor.

‘Rrright,’ honestly Vix had to think carefully before she said anything. She didn’t want to do the same mistake again.

‘Don’t you take that as something unique? I mean my father isn’t good looking but it was pretty soothing to watch his face. And good looks rarely stay until people grow old. But for someone who is sweet or cute, you can still see it there. Their smile just lit up!’

‘Old? Isn’t that a bit too …err… far?’ Vix squinted her eyes; a habit hard to break when she discussed some matters with someone.

‘Maybe. OK that might be too far. Well, good looking people might look older than they are supposed to be. Some models look as if they are in their mid twenties when they are not even allowed to enter Hard Rock Café!’

‘But they still manage too,’ Vix answered with a sneer. Never take offenders lightly, this chick.

‘Put that aside. And good looking people have so many enemies; sun, wrinkles, creases, age lines bla bla bla. But those who are sweet and cute don’t need that. They can get darker over time but still nice to look at.’

‘OK....’ it sounded pretty logical to Vix.

‘You don’t have to be young to look pleasant. Right? And when people are sweet, it’s like they are hiding something precious and only when you are lucky, you are able to see it.’

Well, that is…well quite true.

‘Plusss…’ Jee had that thoughtful look again.

‘What?’ Vix asked with eagerness.

‘It is easier to be vulnerable when you have pretty people as your partner. We might always think that they will choose someone as good looking as they are. If the other party feels insecure, that is,’ Jee finished and looked at Vix expectantly.

‘Really?’ Vix thought for a moment. ‘Lucky Hakim is not that good looking. Opps!’ Vix covered her mouth.

Jee laughed. ‘It’s ok, dear. I know what you mean,’ she patted Vix’s back. ‘So, you already know my taste in guys?’ Jee raised one eyebrow.

‘I think so. Main point?’ Vix looked at Jee in confusion.

‘Well, the president is your study buddy…’ Jee started with a naughty look.

‘No, Jee no. That is so…’

‘Please Vix. Pleaseeee with all the cherry on top.’

And the sound of this two best friends laughing merrily can be heard along the long corridor of Sci-cho Hostel.


End of discussion.

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