Macam Mana Nak Cari Jodoh di Malaysia?

900k ahli di sana sedang mengunggu anda di Baitul Jannah. Mungkin.. jodoh awak ada sana.

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This place’s the world’s hell to me, it’s worse than my worst imagination about this place before I live here. I can’t imagine how I can live here for another five years. I feel I’d rather be killed than live here for a single second.

                Mentioning about killed, that’s the reason for why I’m here to receive my punishment on what I’d done. I’ve no choice but to admit that I’m a killer. I killed my own friend; he’s also my twin’s fiancé.

                Time’s like reversed each instance I recall that sin of mine and everything happened as swift as atomic bomb destroys a city, nothing left after all. I thought I’d done the right thing. Nevertheless, I realize it’s not exactly the right thing.

                That friend of mine, Mike, comes from a poor family. He has a desire to live a luxurious life. My twin, Eva eventually falls in love with him as he’s pretty good looking guy.

                They were engaged at their age of 19. Eva was very happy and I was also happy to see her happiness because her happiness is mine as well. Alas, our happiness didn’t last long and I can be blamed for it although it was not a hundred percent my fault.

                I did the crime because I love Eva very much. In fact, I love her more than I love myself. Maybe it’s because she the closest person to me since I was a foetus until the day I killed the person she loves the most moreover we always cry and laugh together.

                Why I killed Mike? I’ve a very solid reason for that but unfortunately, it couldn’t be accepted. The reason’s simple, Mike destroyed the life of the person I love more than myself.

                Back to love story between Mike and Eva. Everything went all right since they declared as a loving couple after they finished their secondary school. A year later, they engaged and they planned to get married after a couple of years of engagement.

                Maybe I should include my family’s background. My workaholic father’s a very successful businessman and my sophisticated mother’s the biggest shareholder of the biggest local company. We’re rich.

                This story’s not like the story in most television dramas which shows forbidden love between two people with different social classes. My parents never look down on poor people even though they’re luxurious. Unluckily, Mike took this chance to make profit for himself.

                I never expected him keen to do such evil things. He cheated Eva dreadfully while Eva’s too blind to see what on earth he’s actually doing. At this point, I deduce that love’s not blind but the person that’s falling in love or the lover is blind.

                I know that Mike was ‘stealing’ almost all of Eva’s properties. I inferred that he duplicated Eva’s signature on several important documents so that he himself would get the benefits. I intended to tell that to Eva but I didn’t have the heart to see her disappointment if she know it as I know how much she loves Mike thus I decided to settle it my way.

                This is not the main reason for the murder I committed. I deliberated to settle it by a much better way since Mike’s my friend. Yet, I didn’t have chance to solve it in a good manner as Mike had exceed his limit too far.

                I can’t ever forget that day. Eva cried awfully and told me that Mike raped her, her dire voice telling the grim story was like thunders roaring in my ear canal. Suddenly, my hatred to Mike achieve the maximum degree.

                From that moment, Mike’s my enemy. I lost my conscious thought, it dissolved in the sea of hatred. I stabbed Mike on his chest and I assumed that the sharp knife sank exactly on the ventricle of his heart as I still remember how much dark red blood run fast from the wound.

                I feel happy to see Mike’s dead body fall helplessly on the ground moreover I am sure there was no witness for the crime but I forget to eliminate the proof that I’m the killer as I left the knife with my fingerprints on his chest. I went home. I told Eva, “You’ll never see Mike again”. Eva looked blurred and I left her without further words.

                The next morning, while I just finished my breakfast, the doorbell rang. I opened the door. Two policemen stood in front of me.

                “Miss, we’ve the warrant to arrest you and we’ve the proof that you killed the fiancé to your twin. Please follow us to the police station” one of them said. I’ve no choice but to follow them with a terrified feeling.

            My parents didn’t believe I did it and they hired the best lawyer to defend me in the court but circumstance was not by my side. Finally, I was sentenced to be jailed for 20 years but I’ve the chance to be discharged early if I behave well and I almost fainted when I heard it. I made a confession to my parents and Eva that I did kill Mike.

            Now, I’d finish 15 years of my punishment. My parents and Eva come visiting me twice yearly, my mother cries every time they come. Eva never marries.

            A jail warden is unlocking the jail room and she brings me to the superintendent’s office, I’m curious. My heart beats fast. “We observed that you behave well. You’ll be discharged next week. You don’t have to continue the other five years here”, the superintendent says.

            My heart leapt. Praise be to God, I’m free finally! From that moment, I believe that chance comes to those who wait.

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  • 1) ouh, 'I' in this story lives in jail eh?
    nice one..
    but i hope to read more from this..
  • 2) different setting from others... nice. keep up the good work.. ooouh, how i love the smell of lavender..

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