Macam Mana Nak Cari Jodoh di Malaysia?

900k ahli di sana sedang mengunggu anda di Baitul Jannah. Mungkin.. jodoh awak ada sana.

Daftar Sekarang!

People in Particular


In the distant future a war broke out between a big country and an even larger one. Needless to say, the consequences were devastating. The war changed the world, as we knew to a dissimilar almost unearthly place. Many today see this war to be one of the most significant turning points in the current post postmodern history.

There were many who predicted and prophesized that in the year 2012 something astonishing would happen--apocalypse, massive destructions, natural disasters and the likes… indeed many incidences occurred, one of them however was more wondrous than disastrous; Kate Beckingsale, Scarlet Johansson and Emma Watson got married to the same guy, a once ordinary Asian dude, who plays football and who gets afraid of the dark sometimes. 

Back to the subject, in 2012 something terrible happened to the Sheikh and his brothers who owned Man city; they went penniless. And like dominos, the same happened to the other oil dwelling countries. This is believed to be one of the main reasons that prompted the war.

On the bright side, there was still enough oil to maintain the current demands and to keep things moving along for a couple more years. But Instead of saving whatever fuel that is left, these countries went berserk and cultivated plans to own oil reserves from other countries. Thus they used whatever oil they had with them in their all out war against terror, or so they proclaimed.

The war went on for what seemed a lifetime. For day and night they fought nonstop the war gradually and as expected began to spread. Needless to say it was a moment of growing chaos and uneasiness.

Other countries one by one started showing their stand and supports. This succumbed to an all out war. Almost every single country had a feud with another. This war would be known as ‘World War, The Fall of humanity.

 The war went on for nearly a year until on a gloomy Wednesday around 21 o clock, Something unexpected happened, to everyone’s shock; during this time of war and obliteration a meteorite hit a part of the earth and caused nearly a quarter of the whole world’s population to perish.  The world now had a deficiency, a hole in it. It was no longer round, no longer oval in shape.

The war ended the very next day. People were devastated and terrified. The larger country that was the other main protagonist in this war became non-existent due to the meteorite hitting it. Some was convinced that it had to be the wrath of God.

In the coming years like most things in history, people came to know of the meteorite or the punishment of God as a conspiracy. One country invented a new powerful bomb that was made to appear and act like a meteorite and was obviously able to cause a colossal amount of destruction.

This fact was hidden from the outside world for so long by the country that invented the bomb so as to not receive bad press from the media. Though a few years later, someone felt the need to gloat about it and leaked the video of the bomb making process on itube, the scientist who built it posted it. He went by the name, Jerry Einstein.

A year went by and People were still predicting that it was only a matter of time till the world came to an end given the damage that it has been through and judging from the current state that it’s in.

Presumably, One would think that the citizens of the world would be nicer to each other or focus on leading a peaceful life with one another. That didn’t happen though. Humans were forgetful and spiteful.

Their forgetfulness amounted to separations and segregations. There were 2 groups one was powerful, and the other weak. Although the human population was at its lowest in history, hatred accompanied by pride and greed was still running strong.

 It came to a point where one group didn’t want to be in the least bit similar to the other. The dominant with their new inventions would try to detach them-selves in whichever way they could from their weak peers.

There were also no fat people in the world anymore, on one side they had the advancement and technologies to remain fit and had the perfect body they always wanted. On the other they just lacked food.

In Recognition to the war, Desperate men in times of war and calamities often come up with new amazing inventions and due to the already advancement in technology; these inventions appeared unreal and one that defied human nature. They were now working on the manipulation of the human organs. Despite the investments, sacrifices and effort made, the results were not credible. However In the year 2016 they did manage to change the color of blood, I’ll come to that in the next paragraph or the subsequent one.

 In refuting these inventions and means of separation, a statesman from the weak side obviously, in his speech said that humans are mortals no matter what means they used to appear inhumane or immortal. Towards the end of his speech he stated, ‘people disregarding how powerful, beautiful or how much they try to distinct themselves from the rest, when they need to excrete, they have two options, either sit or squat.’

This same man, A few years before in his speech said, ‘we are all the same inside’, the other side then confronted and disproved him by changing their blood colors from red to every other color there was in a rainbow. They could pick any color.

His speech hit them like a huge earthquake it shook and hurt their egos. Upon hearing it they immediately requested and funded a team to research for alternative methods to excrete. They also had the statesman canned in public before sending him to his death. They had enough of rebels and wanted to make him as an example. The speaker however became an icon for his beliefs and his bravery.  His name… was Mahmood Gandi.

Several months after the death of Mr. Mahmood Gandi, the powerful side gave birth to a new magnificent invention; the ‘Capsule toilet’. One merely had to take off their clothing and lay down as if they were sleeping and do their business. It was pretty huge, like a larger version of a tanning bed. They merely had to go in with their pants off.

It was exactly like a capsule; it had a door handle to it, obviously after you were affirmed as the user of the capsule by the capsule’s system first. And in the inside there was a compartment shaped exactly for the user alone.  In other words it was customized for one person alone. In addition to these people being high and mighty, they had to make it extravagant.

They added many functions and features to it. One could do pretty much everything one wish to in it. It was air-conditioned. And by either using verbal commands or by tapping on a the specified button, one could; eat, Nap, shower, watch TV, go on the internet (watch porn), play games, call a friend or a family member and of course use it as a toilet. There were many other applications in which, if the user had found a liking towards, could just have it downloaded.

It was really elegant and fashionable looking. The price of this machine was the equivalent to several posh houses. It was the ‘in’ thing during these times. The catch phrases used for marketing purposes were: ‘heaven in a capsule’, ‘Now you can really have the ‘space’ you always wanted’ and ‘I lie down to do my businesses, inhumane!’

In the frenzy of the spreading of this trend amongst the Powerfools, People started to be more and more distant with others, to the extent of neglecting their already neglected family members. This problem then exponentially started to worsen…when they refused to come out. At first they were in it for a day or so, but then they started to fall in love with their new home and one day turned to two and like that the numbers increased.

Something peculiar then occurred, one after another in their special confinements started dying in their customized new home.  This feature however wasn’t stated in the manual, but seeing that it seemed appropriate and already convenient for use. And knowing that they would’ve wanted it, the deceased were buried in with their expensive capsules.

The weaker side believed this occurrence to be the wrath of God. But the mightier side believed it to be a terrorist conspiracy or even a coincidence. In the cemetery, a friend of the deceased was giving a speech, “we believe that we are gods and the weak have to believe in a God, because they are too weak to depend on their own and to him alone they could confide in and seek for help. What else does that says, but an acceptance to one’s weakness.”




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