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900k ahli di sana sedang mengunggu anda di Baitul Jannah. Mungkin.. jodoh awak ada sana.

Daftar Sekarang!

An angel...a devil?


     Life…death….The cycle of life works in mysterious ways. One minute she was next to me, then the next she wasn’t. It’s amazing how quickly it happened, like magic, the magician said “abracadabra” and she disappeared into a coffin. You’re probably wondering whom I’m talking about and that’d be Lizzie. I’d like to say she was the love of my life but she wasn’t. She was my little sister and I had a huge crush on her. It wasn’t exactly incest since she wasn’t my biological sister but the papers said otherwise.

    My uncle took me in after my mom’s freak accident. Lizzie was his daughter. She was special because…well, she was Lizzie and because she saved me. As clichéd as this must sound, Liz was my personal sun, guiding my path. But now, we’re in the gloomy cemetery, wearing black and putting Lizzie to her eternal rest. Everyone cried, even the skies grieved for our lost sun, but I didn’t even shed a tear.

    One by one, those who finished mourning left her grave, leaving me and my aunt, Rachel to stand alone in the rain.

    “Chris, let’s go home” I nodded in acknowledgement and took the umbrella from her small hands. Slowly, we left the grey deathbeds behind us, only to find an empty space of where the car was supposed to be. A tow truck must’ve beaten us first. Frustrated, Rachel started cussing, as she ran out into the rain. I sighed. Two months before Lizzie—passed on, my uncle; Sam was diagnosed with brain cancer. He’s at home in a coma; the doctors said he’s passed the point-of-no-return. And Rachel…well, Rachel is like a delicate snow frost on Christmas morning, that’d break if you weren’t careful. She wasn’t made to withstand situations like this.

    With Rachel behaving this way I won’t be able to think. I needed her home. A few minutes later, after grabbing Rachel and hauling a cab, I instructed the cabbie to send Rachel to 27 Lot, 32nd Rosés Street. Before I could close the cab door, Rachel pulled on my sleeve as her brown-puppy-dog-eyes bore into mine. I chuckled at how lost she looked just then reassured her and planted a quick chaste’ kiss on her forehead. I watched the yellow cab disappear behind the next junction after I stepped back on the sidewalk.

    Good, some ‘me-time’ is in order. Where should I go? Taking long strides I ended up—at the park, ‘Her’ sanctuary or her favorite spot between Heaven and earth, she liked to put it. In actuality, it was just a an old oak tree, high enough to oversee what happened below and low enough to hide yourself.

    I took off the jacket, folded it and tucked it under my arm then proceeded to climb the tree with my free hand agilely like a monkey. I sat between the branches and lay on my back, it wasn’t much of a shelter but it was better than standing in the rain. I shut my eyes close and let my mind wander to wherever it’d like to go whilst my ears listened to the pitter-pattering raindrops. I reminisced about Lizzie, her face, her bright smile, her gleeful eyes, the way she grins mischievously, her expressions and moments when she was happy—when I was happy…every detail of Lizzie, my memories of her played like a home-made movie in my head.

    It hurt as if someone had punched a hole through my chest and it didn’t heal like it was supposed to. My bottled-up feelings exploded at some point, in forms of tears mixing with the rain. Tired, I let my eyes scan the park below for a distraction. And I found one;

    A beautiful distraction—there was an angel dancing in the rain. I gawked at her, mesmerized—at her white porcelain skin and doll-like figure. And I marveled at the way she moved her whole body, swift yet gracefully executed. Her fingers stroked the invisible melody she hummed all the while tiptoeing across the evergreen carpet with small and confident steps. She twirled and spun herself with a gentleness of a summer’s breeze and ferocity of a wild tornado. I felt like I was skating over thin ice, ready to fall in any moment as I continued to hang my mouth open like an idiot. Her dress fluttered and her wavy brown-acorn hair trailed behind her as she moved, keeping up with the rain’s rhythm. Oh god, that was that, I hopelessly fell into the ice…and the branch snapped.

    Crud! I didn’t hurt myself but the noise scared her away. I stood at where she had been, feeling dumbfounded and light-headed, I continued to wander aimlessly. And with no clue as what happened afterwards, it was already morning and I was in school. Weird, how did I get here? Zack, my best friend was the one who snapped me out of my trance-like-state. Sure enough, he was annoyed. I tagged behind him, still on cloud nine and roamed the hallway.

    Along the hall, I saw another girl getting picked on by a group of guys. I sighed—another jerk—another girl and—still the boring old routines. I stepped out to stop it but before I could do anything, the idiots was knocked out cold by a powerful—slash—graceful kick from a certain hooded figure to the chin. The rest of them winced as ‘hood’ glared at them, leaving with their tails between their legs. Dumbness found me again before a realization struck me hard in the head; ‘hood’ was none other than the angel’s park. She walked away instantaneously the fight had been won.

    I asked Zack about her, making him send me a look of disbelief with a hint of concern for my sanity. I rolled my eyes and told him the whole story. He just smirked afterwards before telling me what I wanted to know. Over the months, I asked around for whatever anybody knew about her. Zack voiced his preference on my new-found attitude and outlook on things, instead of the goodie-two-shoes I used to be. I didn’t feel the difference maybe just a little liberated? I picked up the broken pieces where Liz left off and set them back in place. I talked it out with Rachel about letting go and found Sam a good doctor. He was truthful, trustworthy and an expert at his job. We handled a life without Liz pretty good, things weren’t the same but it was okay, we would manage.

   I approached ‘her’ one day and we got talking. Then I started meeting up with her every day. My usual meetings with her became a daily harassment routine, I’d tease her about our relationship, or I’d hug her out of the blue, annoy her when she’s doing an assignment, ask her stupid questions and I stick to her like a leech if we ever met and the list goes on forever. It really bugged her when I was around.

    This is probably a bad way to start a relationship but I can’t help it. I enjoy her variation of shifting emotions. The way she turns red—igniting her reddish-brown hair. And her cute eyebrows marred with her scowl when she’s angry or annoyed. The pink-tainted cheeks when she’s blushing. They all make my day, every time. I think she’s just too adorably innocent for her own good. Sometimes I have a hard time holding back from wanting—god I’ve got to get my head out of the gutter!

    I look forward to school and harassing Angel, coincidently which was her real name. For eighteen years I had been an angel even before my mom died but after meeting her I became the exact opposite. I wanted to monopolize her all to myself. We had similar situations but ended up worlds apart and everything just went topsy-turvy after we met. I played her devil role while she became the angel I’d always known.



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  • 1) eik, sebelum ni dah post kan cerita ni?

  • (Author)
    2) tu dah tapi Ni BuaT version lagi Baik???
    anyway yg last tu aDA mistake N krg meNarik kot jd Buat Baru!!!!
    sape sape yg baca eNjoy!!!!!!!

  • (Author)
    3) i've just got my mom's friend toread this n god i didn't realise just how bad this was. anyway if you've got comments for me to improve my writing please share.>_< even if its totally brutal i'd be very happy 2 hear it.
    n 2 those who i unconciously ignored or didn't reply 2 i deeply n sincerely apologize...

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