Macam Mana Nak Cari Jodoh di Malaysia?

900k ahli di sana sedang mengunggu anda di Baitul Jannah. Mungkin.. jodoh awak ada sana.

Daftar Sekarang!

Weird Night


Chapter 1 - The Rising

In a rented house somewhere in section 2, Petaling Jaya, two friends are enjoying a quiet evening watching the 7’o clock news. The slightly plumper one is in control of the remote control. His other friend, slimmer than he is, is bored and irritated over the fact that there’s nothing else to watch but the news and yet can’t help but ask the same question despite already knowing the answer.

“Wei Chin, you sure there’s nothing else to watch? I mean have you checked all of the channels?”

“Den, there’s only so few channels here. It’s not like we have astro. Plus this is the 7th time you’ve asked me in this same hour. So my answer will be the same as it was the last time you asked me and it’ll be the same the next five minutes you ask me from now. There is nothing to watch!”

Den remains quiet for a while then he asks Chin “shall we get astro then?”

“Why not.” Chin replies his friend since he is already too tired to converse. Then something interesting starts to televise at their tv screen. Both friends are caught by the latest news bulletin that had the headline “Lorry containing hair care chemicals, crashes into telephone pole.”

“Finally something interesting.” Said Den.

“This is Sharifah from RTM 1, I am here at the scene where a lorry has just crashed itself onto a telephone pole. The lorry’s contents are still being investigated but police have commented that the lorry was carrying tons of hair care chemicals. This lorry belongs to BlackHole inc. Police also commented that the incident took place around 6 p.m in Petaling Jaya section 2.”

“Hey Chin, did you here that? She said it happened right here.”

“Hell yeah I did, time to take some photos with my brand new awesome D7000.”

As they both left, they locked the house door behind them but left the television on. “Thank you Sharifah. Police has also stated that the driver whose identity is not confirmed yet is nowhere to be found. Police have quarantined the area for fearing the chemicals maybe poisonous.”

“Oh yeah can’t wait to test out my new cam. Now where’s that lorry?” Chin says with enthusiasm.

“Yeah where is that lorry?” Den replies with confusion?

“Oh crap we left without knowing where exactly it happened? I’m sure it’s at the main roads.”

“Alright then, let’s check it out.” Den heads for the main road when realizes Chin is walking at the opposite direction. “Oi Chin! The other way!”

“I knew that.”

It was already 7.45 p.m and the moon was already up. Soon it’ll be too dark to venture out but that’s never stopped them before. Both friends are still walking in the residential area when they came across a familiar couple under a street lamp.

“Isn’t that Mr.Ranganathan? What’s he doing with his wife under a streetlamp? Woah they sure no how to cuddle.”

“Man, get a room. What am I saying? Their house is right opposite them. Well might as well take a pic. It’ll look good on facebook….hehe.”

When Chin snaps a picture of the middle age couple, he forgot to turn of the flash. Mr. Ranganathan takes notice of this and turns around. Den has his index finger pointing at Chin. The moment the middle age man turns to them; both friends notice something weird about him. Firstly, is his long overgrowth nostril hair that seems to dangle below his chin. Secondly, his eyes have gone white like a dead man and lastly, are the fact that he’s drooling.

“Chin, why does Mr. Ranganathan have such long nostril hair?”

“Forget that, why is does his wife look exactly the same as he does. They both have overgrowth nostril hair. What the hell man!”

“Den, they’re both walking towards us with their hands stretch out.”

“Maybe they want us to come over to their place for supper?”

“Only you can be thinking of food at a time like this.”

Then, all of a sudden, they realized something chilly. As they turned around, they see a large mob walking in a slow manner towards them and they all have the same thing in common. They all have overgrowth nostril hair, whitened eyes and drooling mouths.

“What the hell! What is this? Resident Evil? Left 4 Dead? They look like freaking zombies!” Den starts panicking.

As the mob draws closer, the day turns to complete darkness.


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  • 1) ok. Congrats on your 1st post here!

    Interesting story you got here, you might want to transfer it to the novel section where you can continue chapter after chapter. I think it could turn out to be a good action/horror/comedy story.

    a few typos/grammatical errors here and there, but you can always edit, no problem.
    example : "he forgot to turn of the flash" - off

    keep up the good work ya!
  • 2) A good start i'd say.

    And i do hope you'd share the remaining story wit us

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