Macam Mana Nak Cari Jodoh di Malaysia?

900k ahli di sana sedang mengunggu anda di Baitul Jannah. Mungkin.. jodoh awak ada sana.

Daftar Sekarang!

As Promised...


'The measure of love is not in giving what you have but what you don't have.'

            Aida stood at counter five of the busy department store and observed the people passing by. There were not many customers around as it was a weekday and nearing lunchtime. Aida removed a piece of imaginary fluff from her maroon and beige uniform. Her jet black hair cut into a sleek bob shone under the white lights of the department store. Today, Aida's shift was at the women's department. She had been standing at the counter for the past four hours and was not due to finish till ten that night. She looked at her watch. 'Good,' she thought. 'My break is around the corner.' She did not see Irfan coming in by the main entrance. He knew she was on the ten till ten shift and had made great effort to creep in so she would not realise he was there. Aida sighed. It had been a long day. A middle aged woman approached her counter and handed over the items she wished to buy. Aida smiled pleasantly at the lady. She reached for her purchase; a dark brown skirt and a floral blouse in a similar colour and proceeded to fold the clothes neatly before keying in the amount. "That'll be 89.98, ma'am," she said politely. The woman paid and left.

            "Boo." Aida looked up. She saw Irfan standing before her with a cheesy grin on his face. "Yang, what are you doing here?" she quizzed him. He gave her an even bigger grin. He looked like an overfed horse; only worse because he was tall and somewhat oaf-like in a very endearing way. "Thought I'd pay you a visit. Salah ke?" Aida looked around nervously. "Tak de." She smiled shyly. "It's real nice of you. A nice surprise. Cuma, aren't you supposed to be working today?" Irfan shrugged. "Well, we're both working, I thought I'd take some time off work to see you." Aida raised an eyebrow. Then she pointed her finger accusingly at him. " ambil MC ye?" His cheesy grin quickly disappeared and turned into a guilt-ridden look. Defending himself, he said "Ala, I don't do it always." Aida put her hands on her hips.

            "Aida, is this man giving you any trouble?" The manager on duty had been observing them from a distance and he now joined them. Aida was startled and blushed somewhat. "Er, eh-em." She cleared her throat. "Ah, no trouble. This is my boyfriend, Irfan." Rizal, the floor manager turned to take a look at Irfan. "I see, well make it quick. You are supposed to be working." Aida was a bit annoyed by this comment but did not show her displeasure. It wasn't like there was anybody around. "Yes, sir," she said quietly. Irfan decided it was time to make himself scarce. He made the 'call me' and 'text me' sign while raising his eyebrows as if he was giving her some coded top secret message. He ended off by mouthing ' I Laugh You'. Aida grinned. She quickly waved him off and mouthed 'I Lift You.'

'where u?'
'whr here?'
'sekend flor. Opp nike.'
Aida made her way according to the directions. She found herself standing in front of Dome, a rather posh eatery that served pricey drinks and even pricier meals. Irfan was already inside. He waved to her to come in. He looked somewhat out of place in his tired looking overalls and t-shirt. Aida made a quick entrance and sat down in a hurry. "Yang, why are we eating here?" "Ala, saje. Cannot ah?" Aida's eyes were popping out of her head. "Come on, with what you are earning and what we need to spend on, it's not like we can afford to eat at a place like this," she whispered loudly. "Hey, come on," he whispered loudly back. "You sakit ke?" she whispered back loudly. He looked hurt. "Can't a guy do something nice for a change? I thought you liked western food." Aida realised he had tried to make an effort for all this and she had come across as fussy and unappreciative. "Oh, I'm sorry, yang." She took his hand and looked at him sincerely. "Thank you." That was the thing with Irfan. He was so flipping earnest, it was like he wore his heart on his sleeve. His look of hurt was quickly replaced with one that was mighty pleased with himself.

            They looked through the menu and settled on the Seafood Pasta for him and a Chicken Pie for her. She was in a pastry mood. The food arrived quickly and it was piping hot. He sampled some of hers and she sampled some of his. They talked and laughed; whispered and grinned - completely oblivious to their surroundings. They decided to wash down their heavy meal with a dessert. Aida requested for the menu again. They looked through it together. "So? Will it be the apple pie or the cheese cake?" he asked. "Both," she said. "Wah, no holds barred, huh?" he teased as he eyed her stomach. "Shh, bukan selalu," she whispered and smiled cheekily.

              Irfan requested for the bill. It arrived promptly. He took out his notes and counted them carefully. 134.88. A grand lunch indeed. She watched him carefully. Irfan was the sweetest guy she had ever known. Yes, he could be a bit lazy and moody but he was generally good natured and tried his best to make her happy. She couldn't help but reciprocate his effort. The waitress stood patiently as he placed the money on the tray. After she had gone, Aida smiled and said "Thanks..." She did not even have time to finish before he covered her mouth. "Shh, bukan selalu."



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  • (Author)
    1) Err not really happy with this post but it's been sitting around for sometime so thought...'might as well'...Sigh.
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    this is sooo sweet...

  • 3)

    Finally got around to reviewing. I like the slice-of-life style of it. Only compliant is the lack of a cutoff point between the two scenes

    Other than that, great read. 

  • 4) Dammit, I mispelled complaint.
  • 5)

    So you are a romantic at heart...

    ..with hope, I hope. Kiss

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