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It was a fine evening with the soft breeze kissing Nisa’s cheek. She walked very slowly as she was carried a heavy rock on her shoulders. Her eyes were empty. Her head was full of thoughts. It seemed there was a heavy cloud inside her head. Gloomy aura surrounded herself. The nimbus was upon her head, following her in every step. Showering her with the rain of pain.

She sat on the bench, near the serene lake as she was watching the kids, playing happily. She wished she was like them. Happy and free without conflicts in life. Then she started to think about her problem. She was confused and hurt every time she thinks about it. She inhaled deeply and closed her eyes. She took out a piece of paper and started to write a letter. The letter to someone who always made her life upside down.


Dear Ariff,

I know we’re not meant to be together.But I can’t help myself from thinking of you. Everytime I try to stay away from you, you come near to me. Every time I try to ignore you, you make me aware with your existence. It always tortures me. It hurts me so much.

I love you, Ariff. I love you so much. Will you ever love me? But, I know what you’re going to tell me. You don’t have to answer me.

I’m such a fool. Love at one side will never give me any good. It will only bring misery in my life.

Today, I’m going to end this misery. I can’t stand anymore by living in the mist of hardship. I want to be free as the breeze in the air.

Goodbye Ariff. Wish me luck in deleting my feeling towards you as I’m going to start reformatting my brain, my thought and my consciousness.





As Nisa finished writing her letter, she fold and put in the envelope. She took out the lighter from her bag and took a deep breath. Finding a strength in herself, she lit the lighter and burned the letter. She stared at the burning letter as she was hoping that her tears and sorrow would be scattered like the ashes blew by the wind. No more tangled heart. No more cry. She hoped.


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  • (Author)
    1) it's my first attempt in wring english story. if i made mistakes,please let me know.
  • 2) first, welcome to EN section. Your writing is fine in my opinion. typo and errors will always follow us writers, but there is where editing comes in. hehe..just read your own comment up there..see..wring as it should be writing.

    anyway, back to the story, yup we gotta move on. writing is sorta therapy too. good job!

  • (Author)
    3) mosh:thanks..

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