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900k ahli di sana sedang mengunggu anda di Baitul Jannah. Mungkin.. jodoh awak ada sana.

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For Honor, For Glory - Rules & Regulations


World War II was a dark time in human history. Never before had so many human lives were lost in one single war. Brave men and women fought for the greater good and placed themselves in the line of fire. Battles were bloody and were fought on all fronts; on land, in the air, at sea and also below it.

Battles were not won with the other side firing more bullets than the enemy alone. It took hours of planning and strategizing and also intelligence gathering. One reason as to why the Nazis were a step ahead of the allies could be because they had a strong intelligence network.

In the territorial waters of Great Britain, a German submarine or U-Boat is on a covert mission to spy on the British naval power. For days it had spent behind enemy lines, spying on the British vast number of battleships leaving the ports. One small mishap by the crew of the sub could result in every allied battleship and destroyer to hunt the little German U-Boat.

Needless to say the crew of the ambitious German sub were tensed each minute they were on mission. After all they were in a metal tube underwater. The prideful captain of the sub was confident in the mission but then felt a great disturbance, from his stomach.

He goes over to his lieutenant and whispers to him, “Lieutenant, you take over from here. I’m heading to the toilet. The tomato basil soup is having bad effects on me.”

“Yes captain. Sir, please be sure to follow the instruction on the wall before you flush.”

“It’s a toilet lieutenant. How hard can it be to flush?”

“Just a cautionary reminder sir but one misstep from the instruction’s manual of flushing a toilet in sub that is several meters underwater, could result in death.”

“Right…” the captain gave his reply and made his way to the toilet.

Several minutes passed and the captain felt greatly relieved. All that was left was to flush. He then took notice of the flush manual on the toilet wall. He read the first step thoroughly as any good captain would then skipped it to see how many steps there were in total.



1. First, adjust valve to let decompression of toilet to begin.

2. Then, check decompression meter and see that the needle is on the green.

3. Next, adjust……

4. …..

5. …


10. Finally, flush the toilet by pushing the lever downwards.


“Ten steps just to flush a toilet? This is time I do not have. I have a mission to complete. The success of this mission will turn the tides of future battles. Besides, what’s the worst that can happen if I don’t obey these instructions?”

On the bridge of the submarine, the lieutenant handles the mission on behalf of his captain with relative ease.

“Gentlemen, what is the status of the enemy ships?”

“Reporting 20 gunboats, 10 destroyers and 5 battleships sir, but none suspect we’re down here listening to them.

“Very good helmsman” the lieutenant replies back and wonders if the captain is doing well with the flushing.

Suddenly a great tremor was felt throughout the entire vessel.

“What was that? Were we found?”

“No sir. I don’t know what happened. Decompression is everywhere. We are taking in water. We need to surface.”

“How did this happen?” the lieutenant wondered and then he thought, “Please don’t tell me it was…”

Seconds after the captain flushed the toilet without obeying the instruction’s manual, he felt a great tremor that rippled through the vessel.

“Oh, did I do that?”




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  • 1) What's step number 4 until 9?

  • (Author)
    2) lol......put yourself in the captain's shoes, then reread lol.
  • 3) How can a captain not follow the instructions? Oh dear, so salah one.

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