Macam Mana Nak Cari Jodoh di Malaysia?

900k ahli di sana sedang mengunggu anda di Baitul Jannah. Mungkin.. jodoh awak ada sana.

Daftar Sekarang!



It has been more than a few months since I started with this piece. It appeared more burdensome than I anticipated; my senses were contradicting among themselves and it gave way to a lengthy procrastination period. Fortunately it didn’t end up being abandoned.

 I couldn’t just let it go unfinished especially when I have told many that I would come up with a thorough study on the topic.

 Having said that I would like to apologize in advance…due to the difficult predicament that my senses went through; I would say my work here has not only lost its focus but has ventured into various other subjects that was most probably led by the churning emotions/mood at the time. I would also like to say that after observing my end result, I would say that the outcome of my study wasn’t as thorough as I imagined when I spoke of it.

 To be more honest, the self was too caught up in an ocean of uneasiness, self-reflection and to put into lesser words, self-absorbedness.

  My teacher had lent me a book entitled; ‘Slippery Stone’ written by Khalid Baig (the book is highly recommend for people who would like to learn/know more about the Islamic perspective on this particular issue). I however, in my haste and hurried excitement proceeded to spontaneously mutter some words I wish I didn’t have; my loud mouth had pronounced that it would go about and write a piece regarding the topic in its own perspective, outlook and words. Therefore do pay heed; whatever produced by me should not be swallowed without proper scrutinizing.

 Back to the book, this well researched book specifically speaks about the prohibition of music in Islam. Throughout the book, the author quotes the Holy Quran, the Hadiths of the Prophet, the sahabahs, the Ulamas and scholars. In a nutshell it is a book written to tell Muslims around the world that listening to music leads to prohibition/ haram.

 I here am only speculating; that by now, your head is already forming/conjuring up opinions, or even statements that are most likely in disagreement. I hope the reader would be cool headed and not make his/her personal regard or opinion too hastily; seeing that I too am lacking in that department either that or in faith, sadly.

 More importantly, I would also like to make it clear that if there were one person I wish to convince and instill understanding on this work of mine, it would be me. As for it being posted here it would merely be in the interest of sharing.

 Moving on to… more about myself and the struggle that originated in my mind—Though unnecessary I would like to lengthen my writing by explaining the trouble I faced in completing this writing; firstly, though devoid of clarification, I am no authoritarian. Though since this is supposed to act as a reminder to myself, I thought, it was still ok. Secondly I still listen to music, though I continue to persist from listening to songs, I do fail. Lastly, I am afraid what I write might cause more bad than good. Again, I can be sure that I was and still am wasting precious time in being too self centered. Tonight I continue albeit carrying a hefty weight of imaginary responsibility and questionable thoughts protruding even to the very edge of my fingers.




“The reality! What is the reality and what will make you know what the reality is!?”

Surah al-Haqqah

Here goes: 

I began by asking random people what they thought and what they thought…led to me pondering about something else. What they thought were filled with the emphasization of the letter, “I”. Every single word uttered reflected to the constant empowerment to this, “I”. The respect and the multitude of highest regard they presented themselves made me look at myself and think, ‘I might not be different from them.’ They do not even adhere to anyone, well unless others are in agreement with them. The only thoughts and opinions that matters is the letter, “I” because this “I” apparently knows best.

 A man who I sat with in a gathering said:

 ‘This is what we see, so corrupted a nation, in a wrecked age where humanity flourishes in atrocities, the doing of good and the stringent instructions of obeying and abiding to religion are now seen as wrong, not just wrong but vehemently incorrect! Mainly because it is perceived by the west as going against the norm and if you’re not like them, then you’re seen as a transgressor or even labeled as a terrorist. So the obedient masses who adorn themselves with ignorance, meekly follow the masses and obey what is not supposed to be adhered—rather than following what they were initially ordained to. We are talking about fellow Muslims here, judging other Muslims.’

 On another note…

 The individuals, how they go on with their speeches and quotes; using religion when it is convenient, quoting when it is justifies their feelings and actions. All quiet they remain when self-reflection comes in to place (if it ever does). Apparently in today’s world one ceases to look at one’s own sinning, he prefers to look at the wrong doing of others; obviously it is more convenient and easier to notice and point out. Of course it would be strange if I didn’t include myself in that circle. What are we if not hypocrites?

 On a different note,

 Here are some thoughts/ideas, back when Islam was reigning in the heart of the Muslims, any act of inviting sin or distraction were considered wrong ergo abstained from. A distraction that might lead to the astray of the soul was not permitted to come close. This before sentence also implies that Islam was instilled in their very being and thought and conduct of the ummah. Neither distractions nor doubtful things were entertained. That was the level of the Muslims during those days. Muslims who understood what submission of the will meant.

 In today’s world, what is music compared to cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, promiscuity, bribes, riba.. etc? In comparison, music seems like a tiny speckle of dirt on a white shirt covered by mud. What was banished before is now considered almost harmless and relevant.

 The people today are unfortunately blessed with the thinking of the west. Everyone likens success to what success is to the west. Although when observed, these people who has reached and grasped ‘success’ never appear happy or at ease; But of course you would construe me wrong, possibly because I do not agree with the perception of what success means akin to the west.

 People today mistake academic qualification to intelligence. Think about it, why do individuals pursue higher education? One, they’re under the impression that once he possesses certain certificates, he would obtain his dream job but more importantly accumulate money that would finance houses, cars, and other luxury items. These means of security will then bring about dreams. How is that not great, you ask? I do agree it does sound great.

 Secondly, one is recognized and respected by individuals and the air he breathes and the trees he walks by and the skies above and the land beneath. That’s how he sees it. That is how the society perceives it. That is how shallow the community is. This then gives the individual a boost in confidence and a delusional acceptance of the self that he has made it in life.

 This has a reminded me of a saying"I realized a long time ago that dreams have power only on your own mind; but with money you can have power over the minds of others". This is a sad fact in present world we live in.

 Where did we go wrong, you ask? Starting from our primary intentions, goals and objectives, that’s where we went wrong. Who are we worshipping and pleasing, Apart from ourselves? We live in an age where people idolate themselves, amidst people who make gods of themselves.

 Having said that, these successful characters are in abundance where I live, they are the type who demand respect from others, these are the kings and queens of the material world who gets easily annoyed and takes others as hindrance. For they’re smart and well equipped with self-ordained wisdom. They march with their nose pointing towards the skies; constantly wanting, competing and judging…with a price happiness is bought and purchased and paid for—albeit they never seem to last long. Hence they keep earning and financing for the next object that might deliver happiness.


The Muslims today are no different to non-Muslims.

 We were all spoon-fed with this depiction of success and happiness through the storybooks read to us while we were still young. One that has proven to have a very strong impact and has somewhat programmed the mind. Everybody wants to be kings and queens; everyone shudders at the thought of being a lowly peasant. At a very gullible age every child is thought how to stereotype and judge people. An image of what is respected and successful then becomes enjoined and built within the mind. It also brings about an attempt to make realize ‘Ever after happiness’ in this temporary world.

 This brainwashing program continues as one grows up watching the shows/ series and movies played on the television—Constantly sending indirect messages to the subconscious on changing, molding and cultivating the masses train of thought.



Tajuk kecil.

 The worst kind of people are the people who without any consideration nor prove except for their vastness in arrogance and ignorance who not only conveniently disagree and refutes the ulamas. They too are equipped with the despicable ability to mock the scholars who spent their lifetime learning and teaching.

 Another person at a different gathering I was in, said:

 After giving some thought. Almost all Muslims living in here have never reached a state of total remembrance nor obedience and are constantly in a state of deceit and distraction.’

 He continued:

 ‘Today when a muslim who follows or wishes to follow the footsteps or the sunnah of the prophet is considered, ‘sesat’ or more conveniently labeled as an extremist. A muslim who follows the Shariah and commandments are looked on as Islamic fundamentalist/ islamist, terrorist. These are labels mostly used by the media and the people of the west. Funnily enough, the Muslims here swallow it up and join them in their beliefs and judge fellow Muslims.’


What is Islam? Islam = submission to Allah

Submit to Allah even if it’s against your own will/desire. You give up what you want/desire for the sake of Allah S.W.T.

Today we want to follow religion according to our understanding and convenience and to our spare time.

We do no custom Islam to serve. We change ourselves/ characters to fit Islam. This is Islam, submission of will.

This is however our test, the world in itself is a test and we are all busy with our own version and weight of trials.

 “A muslim’s moral compass does not swerve with the flurry of each new trend. He is resolute: his action determined by what is right and wrong, not what makes it easier to get along. He lures in a different world, seeking the pleasure and fearing the wrath of the creator, not the creations.”

 Here are a few selected opinions by some academically intelligent people whom I’ve known on the matter. The normal man at least everyone I asked believes that music is or should be permitted


Ashraf: God is not autocratic he gives choices.

 Julin: I agree that when I am in clubs songs makes me want to drink and dance. Still I don’t think it’s solely the fault of music.

 Lahb: If you’re saying the sahabas do not permit music, then I disagree with them.

 Halm: After hearing what you said…in that case, if music and art is so pervasive why aren’t there any ayat mentioning them in the holy book?

 Nur only said two powerful words when asked about the prohibition on music: ‘Old fashioned’.

 Jun: Music is good; it’s better than doing drugs. People today drink, smoke, and dance and do other bad things. What is music compared to them?

 Fird said: You should look into Historical facts and you’re quoting weak hadiths. Music is permitted. To say and consider that the guitar an instrument would make people forget God. And to simply say it’s forbidden on that criterion in itself is absurd. People can forget God by many things. I don’t see why or how listening to music is haram, it’s basically listening to people talking.


Below are excerpts taken from various places and from various scholars. There are also Quranic verses and hadiths. I hope it would be beneficial and informative to the reader.


“Menurut Prof Lamya’ alfaruqui hukum hudud Islam jika seseorang didapati mencuri alat muzik ini berbedza-bedza mengikut madzhab. Misalnya menurut Syaikh Ibn Abu Zaid al Qairawan, Bakhurah alSa’ad menjelaskan pencuri alat muzik tidak boleh dipotong tangannya. Imam Syafi’iy dalam al Umm menjelaskan seseorang yang didapati bersalah memecahkan peralatan muzik tidak boleh dihukum. Manakala menurut sebahagian ulamak sesiapa yang memecahkan seruling atau sebarang alat muzik, ia layak dkenakan hukuman kerana menjual peralatan muzik itu sah di sisi undang-undang Islam.
Kesimpulan dan tarjih:

1. Menurut Fatwa Syaltut, muzik adalah harus selagi bukan untuk tujuan melalaikan dan maksiat

2. Hukum muzik, pemuzik dan peralatan muzik akan sentiasa berubah mengikut keadaan umat dan ulamak semasa.”


There is also the response of Ibn al-Jazwi who is amazed by the power of music in making task lighter.

Though on another note Ibn al- Jazwi says, ‘you should know listening to songs entails two things. First distracts the heart from pondering the greatness of Allah, second it inclines the heart for seeking quick pleasure.’


  On poetry according to Al-Mawardi 

It is desirable if it admonishes against indulgence in this world or attracts one to the hereafter or encourages noble qualities; it is permissible if it is free from any indecensies and lies; it is forbidden when it’s tainted with lies or indecencies.


Qasm ibn Ahman who was one of the seven jurist of Madinah, when asked about ghina, he answered, “I disapprove of it.” “Is it prohibited?” the person insisted. He replied, “When Allah separates truth from falsehood, where do you think he will place ghina?”


The great Umar Ibn Abd al-Aziz known as the second Umar also earned the title as the fifth rightly guided khalifah of Islam in a letter to his son’s teacher wrote:

 ‘The first thing that your instructions should instill in their hearts is the hatred of musical instruments; the beginning is from shaytan and their end is the anger of Al-Rahman. For it has come to me from reliable scholars that attending to instruments and listening to songs and fondness for them breed hypocrisy in the heart like water grows grass.’


 A prolific hadith:

Halal is clear and haram is clear and in between them are doubtful things. Most of the people have no knowledge about them. So whoever saves himself from these suspicious things saves his religion and his honor. And whoever indulges in these suspicious things is like a Shepard who grazes his animals near the private pasture of someone else: at any moment he is liable to step in it. Beware! Every king has a private pasture and the private pasture of Allah on earth is the things he has declared forbidden.


Shaykh Ali-al Tantawi (1420 / 1999) said:

There is no doubt in (their present) form these (music and singing) are mostly prohibited because they accompany prohibited things lead to other prohibited things, distract from obligating and waste money.


Abdullah ibn Mubarak (d 181/797) a revered scholar. Before he was known for his obedience to Allah was nothing but a spoiled character. But one day he heard a voice reciting the holy Quran:

 Has the time not come for those who have believed that their hearts should become humbly submissive at the remembrance of Allah and what has come down of the truth? And let them not be like those who were given the Scripture before, and a long period passed over them, so their hearts hardened; and many of them are defiantly disobedient

Al- Hadid 57:16

 The verses had such an impact on him that he cried out, ‘Yes my lord, it is time.’ He broke his ud (instrument) and started a new journey of faith, one that manifested him as one of the most respected name in Islamic history.

 Is it time for us?


A Fatwa by Mufti Taqi Usmani on the conditions of listening to songs:

 - The content being sung consist of wholesome and virtuous subject matter and is free of apostasy, polytheism and incitement to sin.

 - No musical instruments or prohibited musical tunes are used. The singer does not follow the rule of music. He only provides the simple recital with a good voice

 - In gatherings there are no mixing of men and women.

 - The purpose is not mere entertainment and killing time.

 - It does not lead to distractions from discharge of ones religious obligation.

“Say, He is the one who has originated you, and made for you ears, eyes and hearts. How little do you pay gratitude?

Al Mulk 67: 23)


The founder of the suhrawardiyyah order of shyaikh Shihab al-Din al-Suhrawardi (d.632/1234) declared it a gateway for seduction:

 “We have already discussed the case where sama is permissible and appropriate for the truth seekers. However it has become a gateway of seduction (fitnah) and has lost its safe guards. People who spiritual deeds have diminished and states have corrupted and turned to it and compose majority of the sama gathering…this way time is wasted, interest in worship decreases and in such gathering increases where one seeks the fulfillment of lust and desire for entertainment. It is no secret that such gatherings are inadmissible according to true Sufis.”


 Know that the life of this world is only play and amusement, pomp and mutual boasting among you, and rivalry in respect of wealth and children, as the likeness of vegetation after rain, thereof the growth is pleasing to the tiller; afterwards it dries up and you see it turning yellow; then it becomes straw. But in the Hereafter (there is) a severe torment (for the disbelievers, evil-doers), and (there is) Forgiveness from Allah and (His) Good Pleasure (for the believers, good-doers), whereas the life of this world is only a deceiving enjoyment.
 Al- Hadid 57:20


We have reached the last paragraph of my work, I hope the examples, and quotes given above were helpful. I also hope that in the future I would have better understanding and self-control. Lastly, have you ever stood on a slippery stone? If you have then you would know what the term implies. May you and I be rightly guided in the path of truth and righteousness.

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  • 1) great article bro!
    hidup atas dunia ni memang susah. penuh deceiving dan misleading :-s
    kadang kita tak tahu dah mana yang betul. (sebabtulah kena rajin rujuk 2 yang terutama tu).

    apa yg menggerak hati nak buat artikel ni?

  • (Author)
    2) Thank you!
    yea i agree, kena senantiasa merujuk pada 2 yg terutama..
    hm..tatau la mungkin sekadar untuk berkongsi je kot..
  • 3) do we actually permitted to hear music?
    i once taught, we can hear it as long as tak melalaikan.
    durh, melalaikan can be intepret in so many scale.
  • 4) a very heavy topic indeed... tapi kita memang disuruh berfikir dan mencari ilmu.. keep up man..

  • (Author)
    5) Thanks for the support and for reading, i am very appreciative
  • 6) This is very inspiring.

    Music will usually lead to thise things. Despite the fact that we say, yes we can liaten to music as long as we will not be carried away but let's be frank; can a person stop with only one tall glass of beer?

    I believe that prohibition of music has very strong reason. May we get the strength to continue the journey to become a better Muslim.

  • (Author)
    7) Uculer: you seem to know what ur talking abt. I am ashamed to say that though I've written a long piece on music, I still have problems to refrain from listening to it especially when I am bored. Having said that, I remind myself not to get too attached or distracted by the music I listen...I guess that's the least i can do apart frm feeling guilty.

    We need more ppl like you. Thanks for reading.
  • 8) Saya masih byk terkhilaf. God is the Most Knowledgeable. .

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