Macam Mana Nak Cari Jodoh di Malaysia?

900k ahli di sana sedang mengunggu anda di Baitul Jannah. Mungkin.. jodoh awak ada sana.

Daftar Sekarang!



 He walked through the battlefield with his eyes daunted; it appeared haunted, staled with incessant taunting, badly hurt, it made him walk slanted. His eye bags were black and ringed with pouches. He whispered his thought, ‘It’s a curse, it has to be a curse, despair supersedes, reigning over every thoughts and memories.’  He worries over his well being while there are few who are selfless beings, However the masses, the people with their theories, magnificence in debauchery, self importance that knew no boundaries.

 Tomorrow—you’re expected not, you bring about not daisies but filth filled with dreary and paranoia that accompanies him daily, turns one into cowardice. Ye men full with mighty prowesses like a Pegasus; they cause chaos, resulting into transgression and decades of oppression. Their eyes glimmers at the sight of gold and silver but sooner or later all would be endeavored, when the throne hath called unto your terrors. Time has kept you in power. Time! Perhaps it’s time to let the masses discover what it feels to have their fates turn over; resulting into men once again humble in fear.

 Eyes opened wide when all else embraced and firmly closed—indulging in peace, rest and sweet dreams. Thoughts then stir, tomorrow you beckon fear. Pointless but he lies awake to make the night last longer. Shallow indeed, the rebel keeps his rest away from him; tomorrow both mind and body will experience the consequences till regrets comes overwhelming. Weak and lost, the vagabond continues with his sleep deprived activities.

 Tomorrow you cannot be tricked; he hopes and wishes for the night to last longer than a week and for the weekends to last longer than they did. In a haste they heaved, ‘Oh pathetic!’ even his own voices enjoined in cursing his longing.

 Tonight, there is still peace, alone and at ease, loved ones deep in sleep recuperating from their worldly deeds.

 Laid in comfort and having pleasantly dreams; whilst everyone sleeps, the peasant weeps, ‘Oh moon! Prolong—make us forget our agonies and misdeeds. Instead almost distastefully even in our sleep you portray nightmares and depict a life similar to this.’

 For during night, man hides away from all kinds of illness, worries and miseries that the day depicts. Whilst the sun rises, despite sunshine, all that transcends is a sordid darkness commanding for men to conform and enslave their lives-akin to servants who knew not the meaning of freedom. The system created to build humans to ensure they remain subservient to the plotters, the ‘esteemed’ puppeteers.

 Tomorrow, it’s not even you really, how can a man stop you from approaching? The real problem lies within the air we breathe, the environment one was raised in, the society which was formed to appease the materialist and the self-worshipping elitist. Now everyman is almost as soulless as the vehicle he’s in.

 In his wake he fantasizes to witness the destruction of the despots and their plots, you destroy these bigots together with their greedy misleading thoughts. What can a puppet that has no power over the world’s despots do but indulge and get engrossed in his thoughts on defeating the kings who created lives filled with distraught.

  Seconds away from drifting off, he wishes, ‘I wish not to feel nor to think but of peace so when I wake up with ease I wish I could say, I would then spread peace but what is this peace and ease that not even asleep I knew exist?’

  The other voice then said, ‘the way to quick peace is to stop being narcissistic, you really should get some sleep. Tomorrow as usual, you take a leap.’ It then said after a pause, ‘ye man, you cannot make me weep. I am seasoned from defeat, in knee deep with bitter animosity that will even mislead your shallow heartbeats.’

 The other one said, ‘Thank God for I still breathe and for as long as I live, I shall continue to path a straight trajectory and remain calm with humility for who knows when I’d cease to breathe; dead in remorse and forever weep.’

 He woke up from his nightmare, stood up, got ready and walked into another.



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  • 1) peh, dunia-dunia penuh falsafah alam shah!
  • 2) sometimes ppl never learned..

  • (Author)
    3) Cahatomic: Thanks for the compliment? hehe

    Edward101: I suppose u can say that about me too
  • 4) this piece has an interesting cognitive level to it. makes you want to self reflect a little, doesn't it?

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