Macam Mana Nak Cari Jodoh di Malaysia?

900k ahli di sana sedang mengunggu anda di Baitul Jannah. Mungkin.. jodoh awak ada sana.

Daftar Sekarang!


It was a tiring night after having a big fight with my friend, Kara. She spilled coffee on my only Prada dress for no reason! She just did it! That was a gift from my late mummy! Trying to threw the bad emotion away, I played my Ipad song ‘If I Die Young’ by The Band Perry.

If I die young,

Bury me in satin,

Lay me down on a bed of roses,

Sink me in the river,

At dawn,

Sent me away with the word of the love songs.

     And I sleep with that beautiful song. How can I ask my mummy for a new Prada dress? Maybe I should fly away to heaven for a while with a private jet. Maybe a six day and five night trip to heaven. That must cost me a lot! And my dream became reality. Oh! Don’t take it wrong. I dreamed of visiting my mummy at heaven.

“Calling Miss Nina. You jet will about to depart at 6.oo a.m. Please be hurry.”

     And I was in shock at that time. I was in shock  for being late.I noticed something was different. My dress. My shoes. My bag.  Was all in white. Wait! My hair? White hair? It seemed like I was wearing mummy’s hair at that time. Haha. That was weird. Well, I just ignored about my weird hair colour and quickly went into the jet. As the jet departed, I could see a beautiful morning sky. It was amazing.Not in ten second I arrived at a place named ‘Heaven’. Thinking It was too fast to arrive there, I talked to the pilot that owns two big beautiful wings on his back.

“Well. Let me tell you. You don’t have to fly the jet. Just walk. From here I could see the airport.” I laughed like hell and he was like “What?”

     I left the pilot with tons of confusion in his head.

“Well, here is a little devil visiting heaven.” I whispered to myself. I laughed slowly followed by my worst evil laugh.


     I turned back. Who was that? No one?


     I heard the slow voice again and turned back. No one. But this time, once I started to look forward and continue my walk, I saw mummy.

“Mummy. I miss you.” I started to hug mummy but I could only felt myself hugging the air. And all of sudden, I was laying on the ground.

     Ah! It hurts! No injury then, I was just fine. Haha. I was lucky.

     “And luckier!” I saw Prada dress on the floor. I guessed it was a gift from mummy just now.

“Oh! NO!” That was a lie. That was my dirty Prada dress. My temper again started to risen. I took the dress and threw it and without noticing my act, I actually threw it onto a frame. In the picture, there is me and a boy.

    The Boy? He was my sweetest memory I have ever had. He was my hero. My superman. But now, he was just a corpse buried in the soil. Did you get me? He was dead. He was dead because of me.

      How can I tell you the past?

     It was the best day that I have ever had. My SPM result was ‘daboom’. In other word it was stunning. I was in joy at that time and he shared with me my happiness as I have no one to be by my side at that time. Even dad was not there. He was having a conference, somewhere. I did not even knew about that. Well, he just told me he is going somewhere.

     To celebrate the day. He brought me to Genting. How can I describe him? He was so romantic. His language. His eyes. It was so sincere. We were having good time in Genting.

     Worrying that I could get exhausted. That night, he brought me home. He was my. I don’t know. A husband to be. Maybe? He always took me for a dialysis. He take care of me when I was in a bad condition. He brought me to hospital when I was in the worst condition. He wait for me for the whole day in that white gloomy room.

     I took an early sleep that night. I could not even hear the ringing voice of my handphone. I was in my sweetest dream.

     Finally I woke up. But it was late already. It was 1.00 p.m. I checked my handphone. 10 missed call?. Somehow I could felt my heart pumping so fast. Why?

     Written on my handphone ‘ One message received ‘. My heart pumped more frequently and finally  it felt like the time has been stopped.

‘I am so sorry Nina. Jeremiah was involved in accident last night. I’ve called you many times.’ And I barely read the last phrase. ‘he was dead.’

     Not noticing, my tears dropped.

“Well Nina. He was a gonner. Don’t make your life more suffer.” I whispered to myself. Not in a second,I have forgotten the incident.

     My phone rang.

“Hello, is it Nina?” The stranger asked me.

“Yeah. Who is it?” I was in confusion.

“Well. Nina this is me, Kara. I am so sorry. I didn’t mean to.” She said what? Is it sorry?

“Hurm. Well Kara you should be careful next time. I guess it was my fault. I was being hot tempered. I am so sorry.” Fuhh. Luckily I was actually a nice person.

“Nina! Did you know what. I bought you something?”

“What did you get me?” I talked in the sound full of excitement. When it comes to present. My mood turned green.

“Well. A new prada dress. The brand new!”

“What? Yeaaaaaaaay...”

‘Teeeet’. What? My phone ran out of battery.

Well I guess that was the end on my stroy. Finally, I was befriend again with Kara. She is my besties.

Hey guys we should learn  how to forget and forgive. Well, from myself I learn to forget and  from him, I learned to forgive. Well, love lasts forever even he was dead.


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  • 1) salam alya!
    bagaimana dengan paper SPM setakat ni?

    hehe. baca imaginasi alya buatkan saya rasa macam nak jadi muda semula!
    perspektif berbeza dari apa yang biasa saya baca di sini

    ni paper 1119 pun boleh score 1A ni

  • (Author)
    2) i don't know but some didn't go well.. especially sej.. hehe.. well r u trying to bodek me? my 1119/2 as well mcm frustrating gak ah.. i'm worried gak ah because i don't have the time to check the grammar mistake .. well I only use simple words.. and I don't deserve 1A XD hehe well pray for me..
  • 3) youre only 17? cool! long way to go before jump into working life. most graduates today doesnt fluent in english.
    makesure you brush up communication skills too!

    good story though! hoping to read more from you

  • (Author)
    4) yup.. well sometimes i'm too nervous when people try to talk with me in english ..well.. fron now on i'll try not to be like that and try to improve my confidence! XD

    love to hear that ..thank you

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