Macam Mana Nak Cari Jodoh di Malaysia?

900k ahli di sana sedang mengunggu anda di Baitul Jannah. Mungkin.. jodoh awak ada sana.

Daftar Sekarang!



And so after all the years and threads of words scribbled and expressed—on various things under the influence of many moods and themes that which when combined accumulates to nothing but sometimes discreet, sometimes indiscreet conveyance of an expressive being.


Naturally, after all this, they say what does it all mean?! Nothing but empty addressing without any solid reasoning, worse still without any solutions not even suggestions they say mocking.


And so despite all the complaining, whining which were certainly annoying…despite all that.. the realization of a weakly being never quite left the writer’s mind. He knew he wasn’t able to come up with his own methods of problem solving. He fantasized of many things, coming up with a solution for mankind, not one them. He knew at the back of his there’s already a perfect system created by one perfect being.  


Though most people choose to be ignorant and blindly follow their idiotic whims or the whims of others and then consequently support these ideologies, theories and conjectures in imagining they could come up with a successful scheme. They failed and they continued to fail but in ignorance and arrogance they continue to follow their whims and so continued to scheme.


Even the great minds or those who thought of themselves as great minds have time and time again failed with their ideologies, propaganda, brain washing, or any type of ruling that when addressing the public was in the ‘interest of the people and their well being.’ All in all these so-called rulers tried, promised, experimented, executed and kept on failing. Till today no human mind can come up with an ideology fit for all mankind. While the best of path were already bestowed and shown to them yet they continue to mock and insult and ignore the ways of the praiseworthy.


A single man after all is a complicated being; two men make things more complicated. A whole nation, no matter how good the puppeteer is, he still won’t be able to corrupt and manipulate the whole lot. Such is man, such is man who tries to play god, such is man weak and a dumb lot. Again, man despite what I may think—are complex beings not easily controlled. When we have creations trying to manipulate and take control over other creations it can only lead to destruction.


Though today, they have come closer in controlling the average man in leading men into solid traps in the form of debts abd and interests. Men who closely believe in bowing to the repulsive, despicable and shallow acceptance of the society and in doing so entrap them for life in their daily jobs which they wholeheartedly feel they need in order to pay for unnecessary debts and mortgages. Such is the modern day trap; in order to survive one has to give up his soul to the ones in control.


Such is the man, such is the society and such is the state of the modern, ‘civilized’ world.


And so, you ask of which of these words you may grasp, choose and digest them into your life? Again I say, I am no problem solver akin to what you may think. Mere expressions, most of them frustrations, explosions due to helplessness and weaknesses; can’t u not see? There are no answers, no solutions that I put on forth but merely frustrations that for years now I have realized that when frustrations conveyed to even the closest friend he couldn’t bear to listen to the continuous complaints which soon became a nuisance hence writing them down helps more and proves to be a better option. Now even complaining in written form seems to bring about dislikes.


What essence? What methods? What art? What philosophy? I write as I see fit, I am filled with fault and weaknesses don’t expect me to impress you or elevate your intelligence. For I write not for such petty reasons. I am a slave, a follower despite knowing that I am weak and the urge to ‘let off steam’ arises hence these expressions.




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  • 1) The struggle between money and happiness. Yes, that is what we are. Unnecessary debts? :)

  • (Author)
    2) Yeap, sad-sad story, but there is always least thts wht i think. If we are more disciplined

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