Macam Mana Nak Cari Jodoh di Malaysia?

900k ahli di sana sedang mengunggu anda di Baitul Jannah. Mungkin.. jodoh awak ada sana.

Daftar Sekarang!

Some Battles


She watched seductively as he walked into the room. He was wearing a tight plain white shirt that highlighted the shape of his torso which he had matched with a pair of navy chinos. She noticed the shape of his ribbed chest and wandered what was hidden underneath those clothes of his. Feeling slightly perverted, she let out a frustrated sigh. Damn you boy, she thought to herself, biting her lower lip.

He approached her and took a seat beside the girl. The smell of his aftershave lingered in the air, enveloped her like old haunting memories. She shivered at his touch when their elbows slightly brushed as he rearranged his seat so he could be closer to her. He asked how she was. She found the whole ordeal ridiculous considering what he had told her earlier through a text message: “I was at the cinema with her last night wishing I was with you.” He was watching the new Ryan Gosling’s film with his girlfriend the night before.

She then questioned him about the text message. “How was Ryan Gosling?” she asked, “Was he hot?” She prioritised the actor before questioning the reasons why he was wishing for her company instead of his girlfriend’s because she was scared of his answers. She was afraid that he might say something to cause her to fall.

He told her what a beautifully sculptured man Ryan Gosling was and recommended the film to her. And then came the words the girl was anxious to her. She observed his suggestive lips as they uttered, “I had my arm around her but I couldn’t help but wishing that she was you.” He then added, “I even paid for our dinner and her cinema ticket because I felt so guilty for thinking about you.” He let out a sigh, disappointed at himself for feeling that way towards her but somewhat relieved that he was letting this matter out of his chest. “I love spending time with you,” he confessed.

She smiled, flattered by his comments. She was ashamed to admit that she felt exactly the same way as he did. She wanted to do so many unforgivable things with him but she cannot. She ended up hating herself for even thinking in such ways about him, her own friend. She thought about his girlfriend who had always been nice to her. Guilt had pushed her off the cliff and now, she was drowning in the sea of penitence. But the touch of his hand running up and down her leg rescued her from the crushing waves. With him, she felt alive. Then, her phone buzzed. She glanced over and read the message on her screen: “I love you so much.” It was from her boyfriend. She was drowning again. Sometimes, she wished she had someone to talk to about her feelings but some battles have to be fought alone.

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