Macam Mana Nak Cari Jodoh di Malaysia?

900k ahli di sana sedang mengunggu anda di Baitul Jannah. Mungkin.. jodoh awak ada sana.

Daftar Sekarang!



Ask matter what their beliefs; a believer or an atheist—whatever he is;
If there is one thing a human can be certain about, it is death.

If only we, with genuine interest or with a proper amount of curiosity, take some time and ponder on the eventual, nearing existence called death....will we then be able to think on how little power and control we have over our lives?
Ironically the thought of death never cross our minds...we are fully aware that we are not immortal but it doesn't occur to us that death will come to us sooner or later.

Are we too consumed over life? I know I am.

Though I wished I’d be more consumed with happiness and my mind and heart engaging in serenity and peace. Sadly, that which consumes the mind is often bleak.

Back to the subject, again if we ponder on this matter, it'll lead to us thinking on how precious time is. Especially in today’s world where time seems to be moving faster and faster; it seems there’s even evidence that the world’s rotation too is spinning more and faster than it used to.

 Having said that, even before death if one lives long enough he/she has to entertain the prospect of facing old age; old age also means being prone to sickness and weaknesses.

Everyone at one point of their lives has asked, ‘what is life?’ though sadly that curiosity fades away, in most cases, they say, ‘I've grown up’. Ironically upon reaching adulthood that curiosity diminishes. They have jobs, ambitions and responsibilities. Who has time for these silly questions? Eventually they succumb to an endless cycle of repetition. Enslaving their lives into a poisoned system designed by evil people; entangled in superficiality and shallowness which leads man into worshipping materialism and his life busied and entangled with things that are merely looks and feels good on the surface.

Sadly or should we say fairly enough, he doesn't or will never realize that which he has accomplished will never fill the emptiness in his heart. He will forever be looking to satiate his hunger for a glimpse of peace and he will find numerous ways to escape and he will find them in many forms of escapism's. Alas! Only but for a short moment will he manage to char his mind with expensive intoxicants or deterrents, then he resumes a life that is void of any peacefulness or calmness.

Let’s use this example, we witness every day, those who are wealthier are more prone to proving their prowess, abusing their power and wanting more and more. This is not a trait of a happy or satisfied person; instead it is the characteristic of a deeply troubled and unhappy person who constantly needs to prove his worth to others.

One who worship himself and is a slave to his desires. What can he achieve, when the spirit/soul doesn't recognize currencies or luxuries or anything in physical form?

These days, being selfish, self-centered and narrow minded is so common that it is the norm; it is the accepted way of life for most. We speak of calamities but what is a bigger calamity than a noble human capable of thinking succumbing to the ways that are lower than animals? Mentally corrupt, a being that transgresses and takes advantage of others weaknesses. Worse still the world is controlled by a small group of powerful people puppeteering the lives of the masses....I didn't choose to come into existence, still I exist, if I had a choice…though to even to think of having a choice it-self is almost impossible to imagine. I was put into existence hence I exist. Now, ever since I started thinking on the meaning of existing, existence, on life, on the world, etc.. The very significance of being placed in a horrid place such as the earth itself is an indication of how powerless and weak a human is. Though he has been given instructions and been given guides to overcome this earth and its deceitfulness.

I now quote from a book I am reading, “But man is a limited being. His position in the universe is infinitesimally small. The astronomers tell us the farthest star of our solar system, known as millets, is at the distance of several thousand light years from the earth. (The speed of light is one hundred and eighty six thousand miles per second, and a light year is the distance covered by light in one year’s travel). They also tell us that there are millions of suns and solar systems like ours in the universe. Now what is the position of our planet in the vast universe? It cannot be more than a speck. What can the position of man be in this speck? Not even a dot or drop in the ocean! Now this dot or drop is out to explore and unearth the realities, secrets and wonders of the universe. Not only that, he is out to know the Creator as well! Can that be possible? Yes, it is possible only if he is prepared to utilize the spark of light in himself, which when set ablaze, works like a spaceship which carries him far beyond the limits of time and space into the blissful domains of Divine Proximity, Divine Presence and Divine Union. Here man in endowed with divine attributes of power and knowledge, knows the secrets of Creation and is able to see the whole universe as a speck lying before him…”
Excerpt taken from, “Islam & Sufism”.Written by Maulana Wahid BakkashRabbani.

I suppose one really learns about life as he grows. How to deal with people, how and what nature is and how dependent of a creature mankind is, how we are so similar yet so different etc. etc. As one grows up he also learns more about himself and his purpose. Sadly, most people stop at a very low level. Caught up in a race, a trap, debts, expectations etc. etc. he turns into one who believes in a philosophy where one solely lives for himself. Again, unfortunately the majority of people in existence today are of this group, sadder still the people who are in power and who govern us are too from this group, at least the lot of them. I have drifted off from the subject again.

In regards to the groups or level of people, we shall use Kierkegaard’s sphere of existence, it consists of three: the aesthetic/material level followed by the ethical sphere of existence and the religious sphere of existence.  Ask yourself this question, where are you?

For century’s mankind have searched for meaning and a purpose. Let us hope that those who were and who are sincerely seeking the truth, find it and by doing so attain the secrets of life and find peace within.
As for those like me who are still struggling and have their ups and downs—let’s be consistent in our search and never give up. For those who seek for the love of his Creator in sincerity and in humility will never fail. For God is all encompassing-ly Most Merciful, Most Compassionate.

 I end with this phrase, "My God! What kind of fountain is the fountain of love, of which I tasted but one drop and wept a river"

May peace be unto you.

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