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Murderess- the story unfolds


A is for the anger pouring out of you when I disobeyed your wishes to stay at home and not go to work.

B is for the blood that stained my dress the first time you slapped me in the face.

C is for crying you\'re sorry for beating me up.

D is for the desire to run away when you repeatedly kicked me, punched me and slammed me on the wall.

E is for expecting me to forgive your infidelity when you cheated on me.

F is for forgetting that you are a human with a sick and twisted mind.

G is for the gun that you kept pointing at our children when I say that I\'m leaving you.

H is for hatred that\'s been building up for you in our innocent young children.

I is for instructing the children to leave the house when you are sleeping.

J is for jamming our bedroom door to lock you inside.

K is for kneeling on the carpeted floor and grabbing your gun from under the living room sofa.

L is for lying awake on the sofa waiting for you to wake up.

M is for the morning sun that greeted me when I heard you banged our bedroom door.

N is for the nasty cut you got on your arm when you managed to break the door.

O is for the opportunity to pull the trigger and get it over with.

P is for the pain I feel in my shoulders when you pinned me hard on the floor.

Q is for the queasiness that crept at the back of my throat when you smiled evilly at me.

R is for the remorse that I thought I saw in your eyes before you kissed me goodbye.

S is for slowly cutting my air supply while I tried to get your strong hands off my neck.

T is for telling myself that the children are safe at my mother\'s house.

U is for underestimating my strength and will to survive this ordeal.

V is for the vicious side of you that makes me grabbed the gun I dropped earlier.

W is for the wickedly loud groan coming from you when I shot you in the chest.

X is for Xavier...your name that I uttered for the first time in a while.

Y is for yelling sorry and that I didn\'t mean to hurt you.

Z is for the zero amount of pity from the juries when I was trial in court for attempted murder.


And so, I was sentenced to twenty-five years in prison. This is my story. The story of a murderess. I purposedly tell my story in alphabets because I am not a writer. I am not good with words. I only hope that no other women will have the same fate as mine.

Yours truly,



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  • 1) oishh scary dooh...hahhaha..
  • 2)

    wow~ great way to tell a story .

    nightingale, i adore your writing style

  • 3) wah...its a greatt 1! :)

  • (Author)

    gnee: that scary huh? run and hide~

    teruterubutzu: *blush* awww tq. just experimenting. glad you liked it.

    wanieweng: :) i feel shy shy already  Embarassed

  • 5) ah. another creative piece by miss night :)

    I purposedly tell my story in alphabets because I am not a writer. luckily ive nightingale to beautifully carves the words for me. tengs nightingale. visit me in prison sometime ey.

  • (Author)
    6) caha: i guess the readers read it differently than the writer(me).why do i feel this piece is not powerful enough? u r welcome. visit u in prison?prison break versi malaysia?uhuk2
  • 7)

    A writer will never be satisfied with his/her work.  Truly, a unique piece dude.  It's powerful when you can tell a whole dramatic story only with 26-alphabets..  Not everyone can do that, ait?

  • (Author)
    8) sukasuki: Smile way to boost up my writer's ego. i'll accept the praises humbly.
  • 9)

    really u create by ur own?? wah...thats very creative nightingle...26-alphabeth for 25 yrs...uhu....

  • (Author)
    10) nurie: cool, huh? Cool
  • 11)


    awesome weh! Embarassed

  • (Author)

    jojo: awww...terharunye sy

    p/s: jo yg mencadangkan sy utk menulis komen spt ini. haaa jo, duit raya sy mane? 

  • 13) gives me the creeps babe. but then again, pity nora.

  • (Author)
    14) uculer: muahaha i like creeping people out?Innocent tak sangka this piece will get this many good reviews. thank u readers.
  • 15) wicked....crap...r u like for real??? r u single? wanna date me? hehheheh
  • 16) wicked....crap...r u like for real??? r u single? wanna date me? hehheheh

  • (Author)
    17) zhentan: date? yea i am single.(blush) i would love too.but are u a male or female? coz i only date guys. hehe
  • 18) sangat3 impressive!
  • 19) short and's impressive..keep up a good work gurl..

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