Macam Mana Nak Cari Jodoh di Malaysia?

900k ahli di sana sedang mengunggu anda di Baitul Jannah. Mungkin.. jodoh awak ada sana.

Daftar Sekarang!



You know each and every individual is connected by a single thread of similarity. It could be common ground in hobbies, interest of life…



Colors burst into the small room. Its occupant, a timid little boy inched near the moldy wall. A rainbow appeared. Sunlight came through the stained colored glass, distributing the gloomy room with life. The boy scratched his head; his grubby fingers stained with dirt and dried blood. His fingernails were short due to the constant biting. He wiped his runny nose with the back of his hand, smearing mucus all over his left cheek. He has no more tears to cry. His eyes shone with hope and misery. A loud thump startled him. His whole body quivered in fear. The locked door was opened from the other side.


“Aliff! I need you in Jalan X right now,” a gruff voice vibrated through the room and his small frame.


“I’m hungry,” pleaded the skinny boy.


“Do as I say! Or do you want another taste of my fist?” The old man in his fifties threatened.


The kid whimpered and stood up slowly. His stomach protested in hunger.


“Come on! I haven’t got all day to make money.”


“Grandpa, won’t you let me have a drink first?” Aliff touched his dry and chaffed lips.


He had gone without food for a whole week and water for two solid days. He managed to quench his thirst when rain came pouring down the leak from the roof. The cold liquid made him jumped with joy. The old man raised his hand to slap the defenseless seven year old boy. But he went against it and grabbed his shirt instead.


“You listen here kid. By the end of this day, I want at least RM 50 in my hands. Less than that, I’m going to lock you up with mice!” He laughed maniacally as he watched the boy paled.



“Let me go!” She punched the grilled door with all her might.


“She needs more tranquilizers.”


“No. More of that and she will go mad.”


“I can’t bear to see her hurt herself anymore. Please, doctor.”


The doctor sighed in defeat. He handed a bottle of pills and said, “Give her these pills. Only two pills at a time.”


“Thank you. Thank you, doctor. You are a life saver.”


“I’ll be on my way then. Contact me if there’s no change.”


Zahar sent the doctor to his car. He glanced back at his house and watched his wife screamed her heart out. The lost of their first born had wounded her both physically and mentally. She was paralyzed from waist down after the labor; the reason unknown. They are still waiting for the result from the hospital. The healthy baby stopped breathing not long after that.


And his wife had never been the same again.


“Hang in there, sweetheart,” Zahar said to his now sleeping and calm wife.


“We will get through this. I’m here,” he whispered as he kissed her forehead. The lost of a child was devastating to him. But he has to be strong for Bella. God has plans for them, that he know. What plan? He prayed hard for perseverance and courage.




“Fool!” Aliff wiped his split lips and cried in earnest.


“I…They tried to stop me, grandpa. But I escaped before they can get me.”


“Stupid kid! You dare bring back RM 10?! I should have left you crying in the drain when I had the chance. You are an open wound on my side; a thorn!” He spat angrily.


“Get out of my sight! I have no use for you anymore. I’m going to be a pimp now. At least I can sample the wares.” The vile man guffawed at his own lewd joke. He then shoved the ragged child out of the van and drove away.


People kept staring at the kid, but none came forward to offer help. Aliff felt elated and lost. No more angry shouts and abuse. No more begging more from strangers. There was nothing.


“Show me a miracle, if there is one…” he prayed before collapsing into the darkness that lingered at the back of his mind for a while. He slumped facedown on the dirty roadside. The alley was packed with addicts of all kind. All were high in their own fantasy land. What will happen to Aliff now?






Iqram helped Huda to her feet when they reached the hospital entrance. He smiled at her when she blushed at the gesture. They walked towards his car parked not far from the building.


“Oh, I need the hospital bill.”


“What for? I’ve paid for you.”


“I can’t allow that.”


“You can. I brought you into this mess in the first place,” he pointed to her sling shoulder.


“It was your grandfather. You are a victim like everyone.”


“Point taken.”


Love is hatred?

Suddenly I'm inspired by love; the feeling that often let the heart go astray. In the middle of the night, the dream wanders to touch the dreamer's lips with a smile and a sigh. And in the morning the smile continues till the sun sets yet again. Love is a poison disguised as sweet nectar to life. Yet why do we continue to be pulled towards this phenomenon? Do we hope for a positive energy that we craved for any kind of affection? Oh what foolish thing a heart can do. It can make a man lost his head. It can make a man swoon under the spell of his beloved.


Two became one.

The tapping of the keyboard ceased as an unconscious boy was strolled into the entrance of the hospital. He was skin and bones. His face was badly bruised. He was like a fragile doll.


The nurse glanced over her counter and shook her head. What a cruel world this earth has become. She was a just about to finish her shift when her motherly instinct kicked in and made her searched for the boy.


He was almost ghost-like. His skin sticks to his skeletal form. Her eyes watered slightly as she approached the innocent young boy.


“Poor baby. If only I could protect you from the world,” she whispered as her warm hand wrapped around his cold ones.


“Kill or be killed.” A new voice interrupted her thoughts.

“Are you family?”


“No. I was just passing through when I heard you. Humans should be extinct by now.”




“Cruelty overruled the entire eco-system. No point in pretending to be living in a peaceful world.”


“Take that back.”


“I won’t. I only speak the truth. You will eventually come to your senses and stop being so caring.”


“Over my dead body.”


“That will come soon enough. Don’t you worry.”





The author looked upon the stories he had typed. He frowned and sighed in defeat.


Dear readers,

These stories that I have written so far seemed to have no ending at all. Apparently, I was hoping for the conclusions to come right before my time is up. I failed. I am terribly sorry for the inconvenience caused.

In mere hours, I would be free. Maybe this gibberish writings will make sense to someone out there. I do set my expectations high enough just so I could go without remorse.

I was the vile grandfather. I tortured and abandoned the young child out in the street. I was thinking of myself.

Perhaps destiny came with revenge way too early. I was caught by the police the next day. Aliff died in the hospital. I heard he passed away in his coma.

I was once a Zahar, hopelessly unable to attain real happiness in my marriage. My wife killed herself while I was out at work. And it all came spiraling down. One after the other.

I used to be the lovesick man; Iqram. I was always courting the love of my life with flowery words and endless supply of love and devotion.

I have come to terms with what I have become. I turned into a monster; a hideous creature, unworthy to be called a man.

I wish I had more time. The clocks ticking rapidly and I am running out of words or stories to tell you.

Do yourself a favor and look at yourself in the mirror. What do you see? Listen to the parting words of a dying old man. This is my will to you. Keep all the human side in you and shed the entire monstrosity that tries to take over. I lost the battle. It would be a shame to the world if you lose the war too…

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  • 1) at first i thought this is kindda The Air I Breathe Movie of story. But it turn out to be a new one. This story is really deep though. It might bcome one of ur masterpiece one day :)

  • (Author)
    2) fai: yes the inspiration came from The Air I Breathe. I just love the movie. a masterpiece? thank you. i still think it is lacking in something...
  • 3) night,
    as usual you delivered very well
    still lacking of something huhh?
    i always feel that way about my writing

    may i tell you of a syndrome i have
    i always imagine my stories in scenes more like a movie
    when one scene flash in front of my mind
    all of a sudden other scenes start coming at once
    and these scenes are sometimes too fast for my hand to bear
    and they eventually got lost in the midst of everything else in my brain
    maybe that's why my 'jalan cerita' is always loose
    at the end
    i got lost of what i want to write in the first place
    i start to 'merepek' and came up with a weird story

    are you having a remotely same symptoms?
    maybe those scenes that i lost is the one that makes me lack something
    i don't know about you though
    any idea?

  • (Author)
    4) val: i could hug u!we have the same symptoms.and i end up writing a totally different story from my early planning(happened to me most of the time).
  • 5) night....
    i trully adore on earth you come up with that piece while i am struggling to come up with crappy post on food...
    seriously you are a talent...
    the plot is awesome, the language is superb and the way you conclude and connect everything is a pice of art by a true genius...bravo...solid molid 5 star...

    errr...when are you going to start you own fan club? i'll be the first to sign in
  • 6) God, this is so enchanting. it's inspirational and also a slap-in-the-face. i really love this one.
    and...can i become the advisor of the fan club?

  • (Author)
    7) zhentan: actually, i was struggling to finish up this piece. i've been keeping it for a few weeks. plus my hand itches to post it ASAP. hey, who says you write crappy post on food? i absolutely love the way you describe each and every food making us drool like crazy.

    ucu: enchanting? err thnx? i'm waiting for your Baby Charmer. jgn buat2 lupe plak yer =p.

    p/s: a fan club is supposed to be establish by a fan, don't you think? hahaha yes, ucu you can be the advisor and zhen can be the president. that would be awesome! [warning: this may result in the enlargement of nightingale's head due to her expanding ego. please consult your physician before taking any of these actions]
  • 8) oh God. she remembered

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